Hammers in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They have a very slow attack speed, but make up for it with high damage per hit.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Special Wgt Class
Flanged Mace 8.0 S E Extra Blunt 4 0
Iron Pot 6.0 E - Fast Hitter 4 0
Lump Hammer ? A - Poise 10 0
Morning Star 11.0 S E Extra Blades 4.5 1
Harmen Mace 16.0 B E Extra Blades 5 2
Barbarian's Cudgel 20.0 B - - 6 3
Cephalopounder 16.0 A - Poise 8 3
Tetruncheon 22.0 B - Extra Blades 5 4
Mountain Breaker 22.0 A - Poise/Slow Hitter 20 5


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    • Anonymous

      Which are the comboes I can do with the hammers, I know only the classic light-heavy to push the enemy in air, but every weapon got these combo, so, there's an other just like the light-light-light-light-heavy-heavy combo I can do with the spears?

      • Anonymous

        Is there a way to get a second hammer to transmute without converting to Devara? I can't find a second transmutable hammer, but I want to have two.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone tried the Cephalopounder? I'm wondering of the extra poise damage is worth the lower strike damage compared to the Barbarian's Cudgel.

          • Anonymous

            Anyone know why my Cephalopounder is doing significantly less damage than my Harmen Mace even though my attack went up almost 6 points?

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