This Walkthrough for Salt and Sanctuary will help you find your way through the game in our recommended order and displaying all in-area collectibles and NPCs. You can also see the Game Progress Route for a simplified "don't miss this" overview. There's also Maps for helping with understanding the inter-connectivity of the Salt and Sanctuary world.


Salt and Sanctuary Walkthrough



Shivering Shore is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. Players begin the game in a boat doomed to crash in the Shivering Shore, thus starting the Island's exploration.


shivering shore walkthrough

General Information


Shivering Shore Map

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NPCs in the area


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Keys & Other



  • There's a floating island above the first Sanctuary with three NPC's. Catmerch, "Shellmarket" and a scarecrow. "Shellmarket" contains several armor and weapons, scarecrow can trigger the Dominion ending and the cat is just nice.
  • Alternative way to get to the floating island using the ladder glitch:

Full  Shivering Shore Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown on this page. You can add links, images. and other details as necessary.  

Shivering Shore is the first area you will encounter after the shipwreck. You will find yourself on the beach, to right of which you will find an Old Man who asks you whether you are carrying "The Gods" with you. This is where you choose your starting Creed. You can choose to select 'NO' for every option he gives till you are presented with a list of the creeds - The Three, The Iron Ones and Devara's Light. You can choose the creed you like, and do not worry about 'changing your mind' because you can change your creed later (for a small cost). For more information, see the Creeds page.

Depending on which creed you choose, you will be presented with either a icon threeCandelabra of the Three, a icon ironMetal Icon or an icon clericEarthen Vessel which allows you to claim unoccupied sanctuaries for your chosen creed. As you continue ahead to the right, you will find a few msg bottleJurney Bottles that explain various game mechanics to you. Followed by these bottles is a chest carrying a key sancSanctuary Key, surrounded by a couple of Rotten Walker. Continue ahead till you reach a locked door, to which you should now have an option to unlock using the Key you just picked up.

Congratulations! You have found your first Sanctuary. Simply walk up to the altar and claim the sanctuary by pressing R1 whilst having the icon threeCandelabra of the Three,icon ironMetal Icon oricon clericEarthen Vessel selected. Sanctuaries are safe havens and respawn points in Salt and Sanctuary. Inside the sanctuary players can make Offerings, Level Up and put points into the Tree of Skill. Each sanctuary has a region that bonuses from Offerings, so choose them wisely. See the Sanctuaries page for more information. 

After claiming the sanctuary, head out to the right, climb up to the roof of the sanctuary and head left to find a chest containing 3x Red Shards and a Pouch of Salt. After that head to the right, up the stairs and you will encounter a couple more Rotten Walkers and a Rotten Crossbowman on a platform with another Pouch of Salt. Continuing past them, you will find the entrance to a tower, which will bring you to The Festering Banquet.


Shivering Shore Video Walkthrough





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    • Anonymous

      Not gonna lie , this is one of the worst written guides I've ever seen . Played the game blind on my own and after looking at this , I can safely say that I have fared far better at collecting loot throughout the game . You've missed massive chunks of content in each area you've described in your walkthrough and I had to delete my character and start all over again just to refer to another wiki . It's 2021 . Please , someone edit this page and make a better , more thorough walkthrough of this game .

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        Why does this walkthrough suggest going to mals floating castle right after castle of storms!? That’s virtually impossible. You wouldn’t have the correct brands

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          I find it so eerie how the final Shrine (in the Still Palace) goes almost silent unless you listen VERY closely

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            I'm curious as to why the walkthrough for this area - which mentions it includes every item - left out the merchant and the secret door to the lightning bolt and Armor Mite? Are they mentioned elsewhere?It seems to me that npc locations and secret areas are very much the sort of thing that one would look to a walkthrough for.

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              So did anyone realize that at the Crypt of Dead Gods that "The Three" Creed are actually bosses? Very clever Ska Studios

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                  I've been looking around on the wiki and on the game route guide it says there is a "kraekan cyclops" boss in the watching woods/sunken keep. Why is he not in this guide? I have been looking everywhere but I cant find him and this is litteraly the only wiki for this game.

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