Health: 30
Drops: 50 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Endless Fang x1 [10]
Pitchfire x1(3*) [10]
Birian Firepot x1(3*) [10]
Charred Doll x1 [10]
Emberskull's Ashes x1 [40]
Torch x1 [10]
Strike 40 Fire 90(250*)
Slash 250(90*) Lightning 0
Poise 0 Poison 0
Block 0 Holy 0
Block Damage 0 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Emberskull is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A simple revenant. Emberskulls are essentially flame made flesh; they can be given basic instruction through arcane rites, but are otherwise incapable of any kind of advanced reasoning."



Combat Information

    • Attack Types: A rushing attack from side to side once they get close enough. Wait for the attack to begin before rolling through it. Fire damage.
    • Weak vs: Elements
    • Strong vs: Slash, Fire



Player Notes


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    • Anonymous

      They are actually pretty easy to kill with a dagger. One kickflip usually kills them, you just have to time it right (if you miss, then they most likely missed too, which makes it pretty safe). If it doesn't kill them, then they probably have very little HP left. One more slash should seal the deal.

      But I can see them be troublesome for a fresh dagger build early on. So before engaging the Castle of Storms, I recommend getting at least 20-25 points in Dexterity or an upgraded dagger (at that point of the game, you can easily upgrade a Midshipman's Dirk or a Cutpurse Shiv 3 times) or better yet, get both. And don't forget to equip the Bloodflower charm. This should make the entirety of the Castle a piece of cake.

      On a side note, grenados and poison are pretty effective against them. Especially poison since they like to hit'n'run.

      • Anonymous

        if you cant get their attack pattern down. They will wreck you so fast. When they go to one side they will instantly attack. inducing you to attack as they go behind you. When they attack. swing the other way and you will hit them.

        • I was getting my ass handed to me until I equipped a mace. It seems tat they are weaker to blunt than to slashing. Also they will not burn you just by touching you, they actually have an attack. It sounds like a fire starting up so dodge through them when you hear that.

          • Anonymous

            I am honestly thinking of a way to remove these "Medusa" Rip-Offs from my game... These things keep following you everywhere in the Castle! they literally killed me off in the middle of a battle... i had no idea that i triggered them at all!***** these things!

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