Adder Fang

 Attack 6.0/6.0
 Weight 6.0
 Strength Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
- S
Class 3 Spear
Flags Poison
Special Extra blunt

 Adder Fang in Salt and Sanctuary is a Spear type weapon.


A spear carried by the headhunting natives of Kadania's forested swamps, who fashion these ingenious weapons by grafting living tarvine onto mature hardwood branches and adorning the tips with indigenous toxic flora. This remarkable process yields a shaft that can be safely held bare-handed, with a thrusting head soaked in the most lethal poisons known to men.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 44.4/44.4 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Adder Fang Upgrade Table


  Attack/Poison Upgrade Materials

Adder Fang

6.0/6.0 -

Adder Fang I

 6.2/6.2 Endless Fang x 1, 250 Salt

Adder Fang II

 6.4/6.4 Endless Fang x 2, 500 Salt

Adder Fang III

6.7/6.7  Hateful Jawbone x1, 1000 Salt

Adder Fang IV

 7.0/7.0 Hateful Jawbone x 2, 1500 Salt

Adder Fang V

 7.2/7.2 Enduring Skull x 1, 2500 Salt

Adder Fang VI

 7.5/7.5 Enduring Skull x 2, 5000 Salt 

Adder Fang VII

7.8/7.8 Twisted Heart x 1, 10000 Salt



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    • 18 Sep 2019 22:51  

      The thing with this weapon is that 1- You get it from the stench most foul tooth. But you can also make a gun with said tooth. And If you personally ask me Guns>Spears any day. 2- Twisted heart upgrade path. You get only 1 per playthrough anyway. So for a poison build on NG, I would pick the gun and would have to wait til NG+ to get this spear, but by then, Im very likely to have found better poison to match with the gun. Or any wpn with the twisted heart path that would be better for that matter.

      • 18 Sep 2019 22:42  

        Its not the best poison wpn If im being completely honest, but it's fast strikes enable the poison to stack relatively quick, but its Extra blunt makes it pair very well with a gun. That being said, I absolutely hate this upgrade path and the scarcity of its materials.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jul 2019 01:18  

          This weapon is garbage on its own unless you're trying to use poison because of its terrible base damage, but because of Extra Blunt it destroys bosses weak to strike when paired with a gun.

          • Anonymous

            11 Jan 2018 18:28  

            If you spam the strong attack against non-flying bosses with limited mobility (e.g. Sodden Knight, Cyclops, Skourzh, Carsejaw and more if you use Poison Gas), then this will easily outdo any other Poison weapon damage-wise. They will go down quicker than Mai Valentine after a couple of martinis. Just make sure you don't get hit so you can keep stacking as quickly as possible. Mossy charm HIGHLY recommended.

            • Anonymous

              09 Nov 2017 15:26  

              Underwhelming =( As a dex character I was to use this for the blunt and S scaling. Utterly disappointing when an upgraded version hit so much less than the greathammer and I have almost no strength.

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