Stone Alchemist is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.

Stone Alchemist

Stone Alchemist

A small stone figure in the form of a mysterious alchemist. Offer the Stone Alchemist to an altar to summon an alchemist to the sanctuary. Grants magic resistance bonus to sanctuary region.


Stone Alchemist Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will allow to transmute (transform) your weapons into more powerful versions. 
  • Boosts all player defences in the region by roughly 10%



Where to Find Stone Alchemist

  • Bandit's Pass: From The False Jester area, after inverted gravity. {X:25369.64 Y:15958.63}
  • Crans Pass: From the Crans Pass sanctuary, head left. It's behind the secret door in the Red Hall of Cages, which you access from the rotating platforms.
  • Dome of the Forgotten: From the Red Hall of Cages sanctuary, head right until you reach the Dome of the Forgotten. At the end of this corridor is a Mimku, which drops a Stone Alchemist upon death.
  • Salt Alkymancery: Exit the sanctuary to the right and take the vent. Then take the vent across the gap to the left that can be opened with a lever. Proceed to rhe right upwards and jump over the vent that leads downwards. Found in a chest.
  • {X:48065.83 Y:31828.86}



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