Stone Alchemist

Stone Alchemist

A small stone figure in the form of a mysterious alchemist. Offer the Stone Alchemist to an altar to summon an alchemist to the sanctuary. Grants magic resistance bonus to sanctuary region.

 Stone Alchemist is an Offering Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stone Alchemist Effect

  • An NPC appears in your Sanctuary, who will allow to transmute (transform) your weapons into more powerful versions. 
  • Boosts all player defenses except Strike Defense and Balance in the region.
  • The bonus is a 1.1x multiplier only on upgraded equipment, per upgrade, and not final defense.
  • Rank 7 armors effectively gain +100% defense with this sanctuary bonus active.



Where to Find Stone Alchemist

  • Bandit's Pass: From The False Jester area, after inverted gravity. {X:25369.64 Y:15958.63}
  • Crans Pass: From the Crans Pass sanctuary, head left. It's behind the secret door in the Red Hall of Cages, which you access from the rotating platforms.
  • Dome of the Forgotten: From the Red Hall of Cages sanctuary, head right until you reach the Dome of the Forgotten. At the end of this corridor is a Mimku, which drops a Stone Alchemist upon death.
  • Salt Alkymancery: Exit the sanctuary to the right and take the vent. Then take the vent across the gap to the left that can be opened with a lever. Proceed to rhe right upwards and jump over the vent that leads downwards. Found in a chest.
  • {X:48065.83 Y:31828.86}



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