Gravewalker Greatbow

Attack 9.0 / 9.0 Holy
Weight 24.0
Dexterity Scaling D
Wisdom Scaling B
Class 5 Bow
Flags Holy
Special -

 Gravewalker Greatbow in Salt and Sanctuary is a Bow type weapon.


An enormous and unbearably heavy greatbow constructed from the remains of a Gravewalker. The rocks which form this weapon are still held together by residual energy from the now-purified Kraekan soul, providing its limbs with sufficient flexibility for launching arrows at near-supersonic velocities."


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity and 50 Wisdom this Weapon does 25.3/38.7 damage at tier VII
  • The Gravewalker Greatbow can be enhanced by incantations, prayers and items alike which add a buff to your weapon, such as Venomous Blade, Blessed Weapon or Pitchfire. The damage added by the buff/item stacks with the Holy damage done by the Gravewalker Greatbow since that damage is implemented in the weapon itself.
  • Due to having the highest base damage amongst bows and its B Wisdom Scaling, a Wisdom/Dexterity build would be the best way to go if your goal is an archer-like character. Do keep in mind that this bow is only available to you when you're in possession of a Gravewalker's Ashes, dropped of course by Gravewalkers. Keep in mind that these monsters only appear in a late-game area, the Crypt of the Dead Gods.

Location/Where to Find



Gravewalker Greatbow Upgrade Table

 Name Attack Dex Scale
Wis Scale

Gravewalker Greatbow

9.0 / 9.0 Holy D B -

Gravewalker Greatbow I

9.2 / 9.2 Holy D B Drowned Idol x1

Gravewalker Greatbow II

9.5 / 9.5 Holy D B Drowned Idol x2

Gravewalker Greatbow III

9.8 / 9.8 Holy D B Drowned Locket x1

Gravewalker Greatbow IV

10.1 / 10.1 Holy D B Drowned Locket x2

Gravewalker Greatbow V

10.4 / 10.4 Holy D B Downed Censer x1

Gravewalker Greatbow VI

10.7 / 10.7 Holy D B Downed Censer x2

Gravewalker Greatbow VII

11.0 / 11.0 Holy D B Drowned Tome x1



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    • Anonymous

      Bows in general are severely underrated in this game: the ability to keep running away and spam enemies from a safe range with several buffs making your arrows hit like a truck not only is amazing but breaks most of the boss fights.

      The only downside is that the best bow in the game, which gets an elemental synergy with Divine Blessed Weapon, is not available until the very end of the game. I understand it's designed to be a NG+ weapon, but it's still a shame there's no way to acquire it earlier without a heavy sequence-breaking and ruining a few NPC quests.

      • Anonymous

        Tip: with some commitment, you can easily farm the salt and transmution component (Shimmering Pearl) in Mal's Floating Castle, which you can reach as soon as you get the Hardlight Brand (which solidifies blue clouds). The Dart Brand (mid-air dash) isn't needed, as you can long-jump by pressing the roll- and jump keys simultaneously (I find it easier to pull off with a controller). Do keep in mind that some might find this to be cheesy, and/or to be cheating.

        • Anonymous

          A powerful weapon for dex/wis builds. The downside of its weight is easy to work around, given that you'll likely switch to a lighter melee weapon when the enemy is close enough that you need to run or dodge.

          • Anonymous

            this weapon, although abit heavy... IS REDONCULOUSLY powerful with goldenwine and Divine blessed weapon... its hilarious to kill bosses from outside their entrances... this is an absolute powerhouse when playing with dex/wis builds(also see trinity bardiche for melee), and it absolutely obliterates flying opponents(especially those with lower holy defense stats like hornet steel) with ease... and the kicker? im not even playing a mainly wisdom build...

            • I used Divine Blessed Weapon with this bow and the attack literally doubled. I added a gold wine and got about 30 more dmg, earlier NG+ ennemies went from dying in 3 hits to 1-shot kill.

              • Anonymous

                Extremely powerful weapon for dex/wis builds like halberd using fighters with wisdom based buffs(i.e players that use trinity bardiche and prayers)... abit on the heavy side, but not that much of a problem if your endurance stat is high enough...

                • Anonymous

                  With this bow, I killed the Queen of Smiles and Skourzh from the entrance of their boss room before they could get to me. I was also using Goldenwine and Divine Blessed Weapon but it was hilarious nonetheless. It also obliterates flying enemies without any substantial Holy resistance (i.e. Hornet Steel). A lot of fun but quite cumbersome. Also worth noting, it looks BADASS !

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