Attack 9.0 / 9.0 Fire
Weight 8.0
Dexterity Scaling D
Magic Scaling E
Class 5 Crossbow
Flags Fire
Special -

 Adrasteia in Salt and Sanctuary is a Crossbow type weapon.


A grim weapon crafted from the bones of fallen warriors, with their skins stitched together into a protective shroud covering its delicate internal mechanisms. It is still haunted by the vengeful spirits of its constituents, whose inescapable bloodlust guides its bolts toward their mark with deadly impetus and unerring accuracy.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 35.5 / 11.8 at tier VII.



Location/Where to Find



Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here


Adrasteia Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Material


9.0 / 9.0 Fire C -

Adrasteia I

 9.3/9.3 Fire  C  Drowned Idol x1 

Adrasteia II

9.7/9.7 Fire   C Drowned Idol x2

Adrasteia III

10.1/10.1 Fire   C  Drowned Locket x1 

Adrasteia IV

10.5/10.5 Fire   C  Drowned Locket x2 

Adrasteia V

10.9/10.9 Fire    C Drowned Censer x1 

Adrasteia VI

11.3/11.3 Fire    C Drowned Censer x2 

Adrasteia VII

11.8/11.8 Fire    C Drowned Tome x1 




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    • I think they should've split crossbows and guns from Marksman, because honestly, why would you use a crossbow when you can treat yourself with a gun. It would have been more relevant if they had been paired with bows to give you a 1H projectile option. But right now, I'd say get a gun OR a bow but pass on crossbows.

      • Anonymous

        Why does literally every crossbow have terrible scaling? That is a glaring issue to me. This weapon looks so cool, but I don't want to use it because of its poor damage output.

        • Anonymous

          This weapon actually got worse after the dmg fix. Now to do the same dmg is necessary to spend twice as many black pearls, since the scaling damage was splitted between dex and magic, instead of simply adding the damage by magic. The problem becomes even worse since there are no good one-handed weapons that scale with dex and magic to use with the crossbow. Maybe the shikeimaru or the brandon iron, but with the latter dex only gives 3 physical damage, so is not necessary (and still does more damage than shikeimaru). In addition, the crossbow was already one of the worst types of weapons in the game. Hopefully this weapon and crossbows in general get a buff in the next patches.

          • Anonymous

            Decent offhand. Pretty light compared to other high-end crossbows. Pairs especially well with the Steel Centipede. Many flying enemies lack resistance to Fire so that's a plus. It also comes quite in handy for "aggroing" enemies from across the screen - and beyond - if they are in sensitive spots and interrupting ranged enemies (bows are better at that since they deal a bit more poise/balance/stability damage, but they require an exclusive load-out so... trade-offs). "The vengeful spirits of its constituents" could use some spice though.

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