Seawolf Cutlass

 Attack 48.0
 Weight 15.0
 Strength Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
D -
Class 3 Greatsword
Flags HP Leech
Special -

 Seawolf Cutlass in Salt and Sanctuary is a Greatsword type weapon.


A horrifically warped cutlass pried from the cold, dead hands of Dread Pirate Hager... or what remained of him. Throughout the continents it is often said that there are fates worse than death. This mangled blade and its grotesquely-mutilated former owner are chilling proof of that somber adage.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 STR this weapon will have an Attack of 145.3.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Heals for 0.5 health per hit.
  • Has the highest base damage of any greatsword, which synergizes well with consumable buff items like the blessed page.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Seawolf Cutlass Upgrade Table


  Attack Str Scale Upgrade Materials

Seawolf Cutlass

48.0 D -

Seawolf Cutlass I

49.4 Drowned Idol x1

Seawolf Cutlass II

 50.9 Drowned Idol x2

Seawolf Cutlass III

 52.4 Drowned Locket x1

Seawolf Cutlass IV

 54.0 D Drowned Locket x2

Seawolf Cutlass V

 55.6 D Drowned Censer x1

Seawolf Cutlass VI

57.3 D Drowned Censer x2
Seawolf Cutlass VII  59.0 D Drowned Tome x1



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    • Anonymous

      IMO best greatsword is blade of Envy. First its cool looking second highest dmg. To bad its only avalible in NG+ ..

      • Anonymous

        I found myself dissatisfied with the stat balance of most other greatswords and stuck to upgrading my Shrouded Bulwark for roughly half the game, but hiring an alchemist to transmute my Bulwark into the Cutlass was hands-down the single best transmutation I ever committed to.

        Although ludicrously hard-hitting in its own right due to its second-to-none base damage, if you devote your build to this sword with significant Strength investment (enough to wield it in one hand it without struggle), full upgrades, the endurance boost and stamina cost rings especially, and whatever charms would be best suited to you or what your need to kill, you'll find yourself ripping through grunts and kings alike.

        Fair warning though, developing your skills and equipment like I described with this sword WILL render a small number of the Island's bosses trivially easy to defeat. Very much worth it though if, like I did, you intend to make the Island and its forces pay in blood and salt for what has been done to you.

        • Anonymous

          this sword served me very well. well enough until sharfricter came along... sorry seawolf cutlass, but, your just not as good as Sharfricter.

          • Once buffed, this is the sword with the highest AR in the game. That being said, the Shrouded Bulwark is very little behind as it also has a high base damage and strong buff but you can get it wayyyyy sooner. And with their Fast Hitter, the Trinity Blade and Schar actually outclass it in the long run. Not bad, but if you already have the Shrouded Bulwark and want to upgrade to this, I would recommend you wait on the Scharfrichter or Trinity Blade.

            • Anonymous

              Best Greatsword in terms of raw damage once you add divine blessed weapon and golden wine, thanks to its high base damage

              • Anonymous

                Adore this weapon, with the attack speed charm, holy and vii, it tears throught the three forgotten easily

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