The Third Lamb

The Third Lamb


NG+7 11,400


17,010 Gold

17,000 Salt

NG+7 331,440 Salt

The Third Lamb's Beak

Strike 500 Fire -25
Slash -25 Lightning 90
Poise 200 Poison 900
Block 100 Holy 90
Block Damage 100 Arcane -25
Block Magic 60    

The Third Lamb is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

A shadow of her former glory, the Third Lamb is the bound and broken thrall of the Untouched Inquisitor. There was a time when this hippogriff had pride, the praise of her master, and a name, but the Inquisitor saw sin in these things, and saw to it that they became sacrifices, like the Lamb itself."



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Lightning, Strike.
  • Weak vs: Slash, Fire and Arcane Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike and Poison Damage

Phase 1

  • Retreating Slam - Raises it's oversized left arm and jumps backwards, swinging the arm down and hitting once when jumping and another time when landing. Telegraphed, but can punish the player relying on muscle memory alone.
    • If trying to roll forward (through the boss), both attacks can hit separately, inflicting massive damage. It's best to roll away from the boss whenever it does this.
  • Lightning Breath - Long range, frontal AoE shock damage in spread. Easily dodged by rolling forward at the correct time. Highly telegraphed, and the boss cannot turn at all when it's doing the attack
    • This attack is most often done at range, but if quick enough, the player can abuse of the opportunity window and roll to get behind the boss, punishing it heavily.
  • Arm Slam - Raises both arms into the air, then slams them into the ground. Unexpectedly quick, but has no hitbox behind the boss, so it's easily countered by rolling through it.
  • Tail Sting - The boss' tail twitches for a second, then tries to stab the player with it This applies high poison damage, and may follow up with Arm Slam attack if the player is still in range.
    • Can be dodged by rolling through it, but the follow up attack tries to aim to the player, so be ready to roll twice.
  • Bite - Rears it's head backwards, then tries to bite the player. This attack can combo into the tail attack, or the arm slam. Covers a decent distance forward.
  • Leaping Slam - Done if the player is at a medium distance. Jumps towards the player, trying to slam it's arms into the ground.
    • Usually done to punish players trying to heal. However it has significant recovery, so the player may want to bait this attack, roll forward through it then heal.
    • This will not hit the player at all if the boss happens to perform it at melee distance. Commonly happens in phase 2.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

The boss becomes more aggresive, and starts adding some extra follow ups into it's attacks. All of the final attacks in a combo/chain have recovery, so if properly dodged these can be used to punish the boss or heal yourself.

  • All it's melee attacks (Tail, all Slams and Bite) are followed up by a medium-range lightning arc. This lightning attack is almost instant and cannot be reacted instinctively; the player must learn to predict it then dodge accordingly. This attack always tries to aim at the position the player is currently at.
    • However, because it can only be done after another attack, it means the players can always expect it to come out, and plan to dodge accordingly. Since it's a frontal attack, the player can just roll to get behind the boss when it turns around to do the attack, making it whiff completely.
  • Homing Lightning - After using it's Lightning Breath, the boss immediately spews a ball of electricity that splits into three, individual projectiles in a fork shape. These projectiles move at a moderate speed, but always try to follow the player. This will then be followed up by a Leaping Slam attack towards the player.
    • These projectiles despawn after roughly 3 seconds. The ball itself, before splitting, also has a hitbox.
    • The boss has no tracking whatsoever of the player when doing this attack. It will always spawn the ball it in the initial direction of the Lightning Breath attack.
    • It is recommended to get behind the boss when it's doing the Lightning Breath, as you can avoid two of it's attacks just by rolling once, then prepare to roll again for the Leaping Slam follow up attack.


Melee Strategy Video



Player Notes

  • Craft with drop: Opal Tusk
  • This fight demands stamina management from the player. Pacing yourself and learning the combos is key to winning.
  • Wearing lightning-resistant armor can help mitigate some of the damage the boss does in phase 2. The Goldenstone Ring, picked up in this area, also helps with this.
  • The Mirror Shield (obtained by transmuting a Hornet Steel's Ashes) makes this fight significantly easier. It allows you to block all of the boss' lightning attacks by 95% of it's damage at base level, and only requieres rank 2 in shields to be used.
    • As such you can block all of it's lightning attacks if needed, then dodge by rolling all of it's melee attacks.
  • All of it's lightning attacks can be spell parried/spell reflected with the respective special shields.
    • However, none of it's melee attacks can be parried.



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    • Anonymous

      Good day! My melee playthrough went amazing and the greatscissors fused with fire destroyed the third lamb on like the first try!


      • This second phase is utterly stupid and annoying.
        So far it is my first blind playthrough and i havent died to a boss more than 4 times max ( that was at Sodden Knight), and all other boswes i have 1-2 shot em (except Jester where i died 3 cause of a stupid mistake of me ).
        But this f8cking boss 2nd phase is STUPIDLY random and OP.
        I am at over 40 tries and it is impossible to dodge 4 times in a row in a 5 hit combo he does .
        Especially the Tail , Jumpback knock , Hit and then Lighting shotgun this sh8t is unavoidable .
        You have to dodge onfe behind him , then away then he leaps at you and u dodge behind and then u go out of stamina and you get shot in the face from the Lightning.
        I am at NG + 31 on DS3 and every time i beat all bosses , but so much sh8t combo i have never seen in any DS like games.
        Even on Midir or Dancer you dont have to dodge so much in random sh8t spam.

        • Anonymous

          WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH STRIKE DEFENSE!!!!!!!!! This fight would be pretty easy if it wouldn't take so long. But due to the fatituge system i lose 3/4 of my max Stamina and can't roll and attack afterwards, roll twice or swing my hammer twice anymore.

          • Anonymous

            I jus rolled behind for 2 hits w scythe during lightning charge.. waiting the rest out w arrows (grinding to unlock gun). Bad stats w lvl4 scythe does the job w weapon buffs

            • Anonymous

              you can skip the untouched inquisitor if you use that giant knight to launch you up onto the platform where the elevator is

              • Anonymous

                When you see it about to lightning, roll through it and get in some hits. You can also easily dodge lightning from a distance, but it's much better to use lightning as a chance to get on her other side. Remember, you can't allow yourself to get pinned. Less mobile builds will have trouble.

                • Anonymous

                  I struggled with this boss while wearing upgraded Döppelsöldner Barbut and Cuirass along with Patched Gloves and Skirt and trying out different shields to tank the attacks. Kept dying.
                  Then the salt built up enough in me that I just went in naked with Shrouded Bulwark III and Whistlebone charm buffed with fire and later arcane damage and to my huge surprise, she went down easily.
                  Apparently the lightning attack doesn't reach all the way across the arena and allows a quick heal, while all the physical attacks can be interrupted.

                  • Anonymous

                    I heard this boss was a giant block for some people.
                    I went in first try with a Steel Centipede, an unoptimized build and no preparation.
                    She was just as easy as the Inquisitor right before her. Just jump and attack, only 1 attack that can hit you and it barely hurts, and that's the beak attack.
                    You can get hit by lightning during a jump attack, but you should just roll behind her when she does that anyways.

                    • Anonymous

                      This thing can be Tanked out with the Ashen Effigy (7th Upgrade) Shield without taking any damage from melee Attacks. For the build i've used the Overlord set, Axe of Splendor with salt charm, House of Splendor creed (goldenwine is still op), Mossy Ring, Crystalmoath Ring, Bloodflower Ring and Fused Metal Ring. I've also used three miracles: Divine Blessed Weapon, Guardian Blade and Spirited Mend

                      • Anonymous

                        im not sure about the damage type of his magical attacks. i tried to outtank he boss with my shield build but i took more damage with sunset kite shield then with type 46 towershield. i then tried to tank it with the ashen effigy to test if its arcane damage, but still got damaged. its definitely not lighning or arcane damage so this information is just wrong!

                        • Anonymous

                          BE AGGRESSIVE. I just fought it and won first try. just destroy it whenever it does that big chargy lightning attack and then maintain distance and find holes to poke it. and wear lightning protective stuff. Oh, and I used that fire attack charm + that consumable that gives your attacks fire. Was dealing*****ton of dmg

                          • Anonymous

                            Melee fighers!!: By the time I ended up beating this thing I was using the following strategy and didn't even run out of potions by the end, because these seem to work if you have good timing (using pitch fire wasn't really helpful for me, it was better just to learn his move set): 1. At the beginning it will use a charged up lighting, and this is the best move to use to strikes. You want to use a fast weapon, so if you're 2h bruiser (like I was) I would use increased attack speed. When it's charging up, you'll want to be about half of its width away from it and roll through the lightning wave. Attack while rolling and you should be able to get 1 more hit if using 2h great weapon and 2 if a faster weapon. Then back up (i.e. don't get greedy). 2. If it's moving toward you, expect one of: a. Bite - move a little back and you can get a quick hit likely. b. Leap backwards and slam - if you time it well, you can simply walk forward right after it leaps and the shockwave won't hit you and quick hit. c. Tail Sting - I usually just back up and goad out another move, because most of the time it'll follow with a slam that can knock you across the screen. d. Leap forwards and slam - you need to dodge roll toward him to avoid, NOT BACKWARD. This is the hardest to see telegraphed, but once you have the timing, you'll have it for good. With these, you'll usually find yourself in Phase 2 fairly quickly. Here's where knowing how to handle the other moves pays off: 1. If it uses the lightning, it's got 4 follow-up moves pretty much every time: a. Dodge roll THROUGH IT while it's casting the lightning wave, not after if has already cast it like before. b. It uses a quick lightning follow-up that casts 3 homing lightning bolts, but since you rolled behind, they are on the other side so you have a sec for a quick hit, but get ready to dodge roll again because those lightnings are coming toward you and... c. It uses either: i. a jump slam away, but you can simply back up or dodge roll in the direction away from the leap. This is usually followed by a slam and short lightning breath combo, but it's nearly always in the direction of the jump slam, so if you're behind it safely wail away. ii. a sting, then a slam, then a lightning breath. If you dodge roll through it during the sting and continue to do so until you're behind it, you'll avoid all of them. iii. While it's recovering from the lightning breath, you can usually get another quick hit. d. Usually, it will then turn around and do a quick combo of a slam then a lightning blast, but if you dodge roll through it, quick hit, then expect a Bite or a Backwards Jump Slam, either of which are just a dodge roll backwards and then move forward for a quick hit while it recovers. I think I have all that right but if not, please let me know in replies. Happy salt hunting!!

                            • Anonymous

                              Up to this point in the game I had yet to see a bad boss. Now this boss is tough but what makes it sloppy game design is giving it a spam move when the fight speeds up, this boss's mini lightning is just a filler move to try and lure aggression in the beginning and stamina conservation at the end. the problem with this concept is his mini lighting ability to stun and then all you can do is watch him combo you to death. This boss is unnecessarily hard to make up for the ease of the boss before it

                              • Anonymous

                                Is the wiki correct in that it only does lightning damage? Me thinks the standard attacks do slash damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Terrible boss. Most bosses in the game are terrible. It's awesome to run around and explore and then you run into the cheapest, most move spams you'll ever see in a video game. Awful game design.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Easy with great axe + fire charm + light gear with poison and light resistance. Just need to dodge the physical atks and stun when possible.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      dont be cocky about this boss,because kinoa will kick ut ass (actual name of the boss, look for the item desc and the untouched inquisitor desc too)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I am doing Newgame + I can just say don't be cocky against this guy. Unless you're a god at dodging and managing stamina. I beat this boss first attempt barely.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Just beat him on level 36. Used "Teuthis Shield" to block the physical attacks, then backed off for a few seconds to recover stamina. Light roll through the lighning attacks.
                                          Is absolutely manageable this way imho!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            The combination of Lightning Attacks + Poison Tail + Aggressive Attack Combos suggests that this boss's design is meant to evoke the Sanctuary Guardian from the Dark Souls DLC.

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