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    • Anonymous

      17 May 2017 00:25  

      About weapons and what you need to do to be able to use them:
      If it has a nice big red X on it, you don't have the right skill unlocked in the tech tree. If it has a red line across, it means you can use it, but only if you two hand it. To be able to one hand a weapon effectively, you'll need to have unlocked the weapon skill level above it. For example, if you want to one hand a level 2 greatsword effectively, you will need the level 3 greatsword skill. A few end-game weapons can't be one handed effectively at all though, as they have a level 5 weapon skill requirement.. You can read what skill level the weapon is, on the weapon itself.
      Hope this helps.

      • Anonymous

        06 Feb 2017 17:07  

        Beginner tips:
        If you have a shield, use it constantly. If not, learn how to roll like a champ.
        Spend your salt on level up as soon as you have enough, so if you lose it to (two deaths) it doesn't really matter.
        Practice the "perfect parry" timing with weaker enemies. It is really useful when you are good at it.
        Don't panic when getting beat up with a boss. Keep your healing potion ready, save grenades to use on them, and keep that shield up.
        Learn thier pattern, then you know good timing when to strike. Don't button mash because they can hurt you a lot quicker than you can hurt them.
        Don't do mid-air heavy strike against birds etc. Your jump is cut short and you fall to your death. Although, with some weapons, the heavy strike will hit enemies above you, even through platforms. Just don't do it when jumping from one platform to another.
        Lure enemies into booby traps.
        Sell off gear you don't need so you don't get too heavy.
        Use up your healing potions before you start using prayers to heal because it lowers your max stamina. (Spiced mead will renew that)
        When surrounded, roll to the side of the group immediately, before you get gang beat. (Don't jump!)
        Keep your shield up until an enemy is finished thier combo. Don't try to parry until thier last strike.
        You can hit poison blobs off of the trees. If you kill them before they jump you, then you get a salt reward.
        You can keep your shield up while jumping; if an arrow is headed toward you.
        Buy items that give a temporary buff for those difficult fights. Equip them on your quick slots (purse icon) to be ready.
        Unequip items you don't need in the middle of a fight (from your quick slots), so you don't have to cycle through a long list to the items you do need.
        Be aware of your weapon range. The spears etc. are very useful to hit enemies before they even see you are there. Start with a heavy attack when being aggressive.
        Charms have to be equipped onto the charm slot to work. You will see them on your weapon. Same thing with rings.
        Save up red shards (use them last); use the full potions instead because they are free and are replenished at the sanctuary. You can even sell your shards.
        Try to spend your gold, because if you're rich, the cleric will take a lot of gold when you die (corrupt bastard).
        Upgrading gear is very useful. Just make sure you intend on keeping that (weapon etc.) for a while; upgrade costs can add up quick.
        If you're walking very slow, unequip an armor item from your body. You're too heavy. You can still carry it. (cause f*** logic) You need dexterity upgrades (the camel icon in the tech tree)
        If an enemy is winding up to strike you, then your first attack should not be a heavy, because they can hit you faster.
        Don't spend upgrade points on unnecessary things, like ability to use weapons you won't be using anyway.
        Falling is an automatic death. Hold upwards to catch those ledges. Also, you can look farther away, using the right joystick.
        You don't have to be right on the edge to go down a ladder. And you can also slide down, using the right trigger.
        Divide and conquer. Approach dangerous mobs, when they see you, retreat, fighting them one on one, instead of all of them at once.
        You can cheese play tough enemies with arrows from a ledge etc. , if you want.

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