Split Swordsman

Health: 80
Drops: 350 Salt (+0~350 Gold)
Split Swordsman's Ear x1 [40]
Split Greaves x1 [10]
A Soldier's Poem x1 [40]
A Lord's Orders x1 [10]
Split Plate x1 [10]
Split Gauntlets x1 [10]
Strike 10 Fire 50
Slash 350 Lightning 0
Poise 45 Poison 0
Block 50 Holy -50(-67*)
Block Damage 95 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Split Swordsman is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A fierce swordsman formerly of the Askarian elite squadron known as the Blue Guard. Though the Guard answered only to Duke Garldon, the Duke was convinced by Planne the Seeker, a travelling sorceror who had found his way into the Duke's court, to allow him to use the Guard in a series of disastrous teleportation experiments."





Combat Information

    • Attack Types: Slash attacks; a slash combo followed by teleporting directly above you for a downward slice.
    • Weak vs: Strike, Elements (Especially Holy)
    • Strong vs: Slash



Player Notes

Alkymancery Knight  ♦  Angsty Bones  ♦  Armor Guardian  ♦  Armor Mite  ♦  Bedspider  ♦  Blade Wraith  ♦  Bloated Monstrosity  ♦  Bola Eye  ♦  Bound Arrox  ♦  Bronze Axe Knight  ♦  Bronze Knight  ♦  Caged Man  ♦  Cave Keeper  ♦  Chained Man  ♦  Clay Hybrid  ♦  Clay Phantom  ♦  Court Sorcerer  ♦  Crypt Keeper  ♦  Dread Horseman  ♦  Dread Horseman (Mounted)  ♦  Dropspider  ♦  Drowned Archer  ♦  Drowned Bandit  ♦  Drowned Berzerker  ♦  Drowned Marauder  ♦  Drowned Peasant  ♦  Drowned Porcelain  ♦  Drowned Raider  ♦  Drowned Soldier  ♦  Emberskull  ♦  Feral Beast  ♦  Fetal Brat  ♦  Flying Spider  ♦  Gaoler  ♦  Gravewalker  ♦  Guardian Mage  ♦  Guardian of Devara  ♦  Guardian of the Three  ♦  Hanged Man  ♦  Heartseeker  ♦  Hornet Steel  ♦  Hunting Bones  ♦  Impaled Knight  ♦  Krakean Dragon Skourzh  ♦  Lepris  ♦  Lietch  ♦  Mage of Devara  ♦  Marauder  ♦  Mimku  ♦  Mother Merle  ♦  Mudriella Mal  ♦  Pale Witch  ♦  Poison Cytoplasm  ♦  Primitive Bones  ♦  Red Lord  ♦  Retchfeeder  ♦  Rotten Crossbowman  ♦  Rotten Raider  ♦  Rotten Walker  ♦  Saltbat  ♦  Saltfin Creature  ♦  Saltless  ♦  Sanctuary Guard  ♦  Skullbat  ♦  Spear Imp  ♦  Spindlebeast  ♦  Stenchpod  ♦  The Coveting  ♦  Thing of Arms  ♦  Torturer  ♦  Vacant Blades  ♦  Vexing Brat  ♦  Vile Guard  ♦  Vilehawk  ♦  Whisperlady  ♦  Whisperman  ♦  Whispermen  ♦  White Knight  ♦  Wrathful Dead


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    • Anonymous

      these guys are a good farm (after you hit the lever for the dual elevators) one is to the right, jump off the elevator when it gets to that other lever in the middle of the lower double elevators (the one that used to have both sides of it gated) run right through the doors, there is one through the far right door, go back to the main room drop attack everything until you get to the bottom right, you can drop attack the second one if you stand on the floor up to the left of him. there 1 hit NG with a moderately upgraded warhammer.by the way ive been farming these for some time now and i believe the drop rate for "Soldier's poem" and "A Lord's Order" is reversed. 1x(10) for the former and 1x(40) for the latter. have over 80 kills now i believe im due for my second Knights Order, but gotten a lot of Soldier's Poems.

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