Wands in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They are used to cast spells and can only be wielded in the off hand. Spells use Focus to cast.

Notes and Tips:

  • Staves and Wands gain no additional damage to their spells if a weapon buff is applied
  • For example: Using Pitchfire on a Stave or Wand will not result in an increase in Fire damage nor will it add Fire damage to the weapon.
  • This is the same for all elements castable with Staves and Wands, including Blood Magics.



Name & Icon Attack Magic Scaling
Special Wgt Class
Saltwood Branch 10 A None 3 1
Antler Baton 12 B None 4 2
Necromancer's Virge 16 C None 5  3
Rostrum Scepter 15 C None 6  4
Cocoon Battledore 10 S None 8 5


    • 28 Dec 2018 22:20  

      I used to see wands as kinda pointless, but when I realized you can weave spells into your combo they became one of my favorite loadouts. Branding Iron+Rostrum Scepter (or Cocoon battledore) for a very high magic low physical, or something like Steel centipede or Tetrucheon+Necromancer Virge with a blood magic for a more high physical/low magic but equally as powerful. And that sexy backstep when you combo a spell. Hmmm Hmmm.

      • Anonymous

        26 Aug 2018 05:55  

        Wands are not meant as a main hand magic weapon. Like guns and crossbows are to bows, wands are staffs for the off hand, that let you cast spells while still one-handing a weapon. Decent for magic hybrid builds with weapons like Northern Cross.

        • Anonymous

          12 Aug 2018 20:47  

          Ok so the purgatory scepter and necromancers Virge say stuff about using the casters humanity does that actually mean anything or is it just flavor text

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