Wands in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They are used to cast spells and can only be wielded in the off hand. Spells use Focus to cast.

Notes and Tips:

  • Staves and Wands gain no additional damage to their spells if a weapon buff is applied
  • For example: Using Pitchfire on a Stave or Wand will not result in an increase in Fire damage nor will it add Fire damage to the weapon.
  • This is the same for all elements castable with Staves and Wands, including Blood Magics.



Name & Icon Attack Magic Scaling
Special Wgt Class
Saltwood Branch 10 A None 3 1
Antler Baton 12 B None 4 2
Necromancer's Virge 16 C None 5  3
Rostrum Scepter 15 C None 6  4
Cocoon Battledore 10 S None 8 5


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    • Anonymous

      29 Oct 2020 14:53  

      Consider this when using a wand: the main weapon properties pass on the wand. Want to cast a lot of spells? Use kaltic razor to give spells an mpleech effect. Want to quick cast a spell? Couple tachi or corsair sword with wand. Tried those ingame and seems to work nicely, I will look soon into checking as well poise effects, extra blades, extra blunt.

      Another arguable point in favor, wands are generally light weight, it might be useful to equip wand only to be able to superfast roll (when equip is under 10% of max load), and sometimes punch plus wand backstep combo hit.

      • 28 Dec 2018 22:20  

        I used to see wands as kinda pointless, but when I realized you can weave spells into your combo they became one of my favorite loadouts. Branding Iron+Rostrum Scepter (or Cocoon battledore) for a very high magic low physical, or something like Steel centipede or Tetrucheon+Necromancer Virge with a blood magic for a more high physical/low magic but equally as powerful. And that sexy backstep when you combo a spell. Hmmm Hmmm.

        • Anonymous

          26 Aug 2018 05:55  

          Wands are not meant as a main hand magic weapon. Like guns and crossbows are to bows, wands are staffs for the off hand, that let you cast spells while still one-handing a weapon. Decent for magic hybrid builds with weapons like Northern Cross.

          • Anonymous

            12 Aug 2018 20:47  

            Ok so the purgatory scepter and necromancers Virge say stuff about using the casters humanity does that actually mean anything or is it just flavor text

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