Bows in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They are used for ranged attacks and consume arrows upon firing.  Since they require to be used in two hands, their best use is for picking enemies where they can't reach you. You can equip up to two kinds of ammo at once.


Name & Icon Attack Dex Scale Wis Scale Special Wgt Class
Self Bow 8.0 D - -  3 0
Vilehawk Bow 10.0 D - -  8  1
Bloodwood Bow  10.0 C - - 7 2
Aegis Greatbow 12.0 C - - 9  3
Recurve Bow 10.0 B - - 8  4
Gravewalker Greatbow 9.0 / 9.0 D B Holy 24  5


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    • 19 May 2020 14:59  

      Bows are not bad....It's just that even on a dex build, they tend to be vastly outclassed by guns in term of damage. That said, bows have the longest range in the game, and you can spam faster than guns. They're not bad at kiting enemies, so there's that. I mean if you really wanna go full try-hard bow build, buy the best arrows, and have the max scaling you can get. I personally felt the only bow worth the damage is the gravewalker greatbow with high faith and high dex. This one has actually decent damage especially when buffed with more holy dmg...but it's obscenely heavy in comparison to all the other bows. Bottom line is, they're a bit boring, not very strong but is still a decent range option.

      • Anonymous

        19 Jan 2017 01:11  

        I'm using a bow-based build for co-op right now to handicap myself so my friend doesn't feel insignificant (previously I was a mage and he was barely able to participate)

        • Anonymous

          14 Jan 2017 20:12  

          I have been struggling through the game with bows... Actually, it's not too bad so far in the early game. Takes a lot of hits compared to a Shrouded Bulwark build, but you can use the range and wear no armor for some super fast rolling.
          The Three seems like the best starting creed for a Dex build because they have the Shock and Fire buff items, and it's easy to get the first 4 items from the Leader. I didn't see much point in going into Stone Roots, you can buy Poison Arrows already.
          So far, I'm putting as many points as possible into Dex for very little return, but I think without Dex I'd be better off throwing potatoes. What seems to work for me is getting all 3 Dex upgrades per node before moving on so you aren't wasting a lot of levels on Endurance and Willpower trying to reach the far corners of the skill tree.
          You'll probably have an easier time with a Dex based melee secondary, like a Dagger or Tachi or Whip.
          Flaming arrows are usually not worth the x3 cost of regular arrows, but if you have no buffs they are OK vs fire-weak enemies. Basically only find them useful for Poison Cytoplasms early game.
          Aegis Greatbow seems to be the best. All Components are available in the Dome, has the highest base attack for buffing (not sure how Gravewalker bow works with buffs), and compared to the Recurve at 50 Dex, you only lose a fraction of a point of damage. If not using buffs, use the Recurve because lighter.
          Tarnished Coronet is available pretty quick and looks like it increases damage by about 10%, but you won't see the increase in your stats until you equip it.
          Relentless Ring appears to have no effect with bows and rolling. I'm getting same number of shots and rolls to deplete stamina.

          The real question is "why play an archer over a barrage mage?" My mage does ridiculous damage from the same distances, it's easier to aim barrage spells, you have other options with incantations, lots of items to help you do more damage for longer... The only advantage is never running out of focus. Even other builds can be more survivable AND do more damage. I have a Paladin that's mostly Endurance who can tank anything with her shield, then do 300 damage with her buffed Obsidian Pillar when she has an opening with one swing.

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