Places & Locations in Salt and Sanctuary refers to the named locales that the player visits throughout the game. The vast and interconnected island where the saltborn adventure has as many dangers as treasures, and the observant will discover shortcuts and hidden locations plenty. See the Game Progress Route or Walkthrough pages for the recommended way to go.











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    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2021 20:34  

      Honestly this game has the best atmosphere and among the most poetic language

      It really left a deep impression on me

      • Anonymous

        Castle of Overpowered-fire-skulls15 Mar 2016 20:20  

        I've managed pretty well so far in the game and I think I've killed every boss up to this area, but man when you hit the castle it just suddenly gets real. Combine the flying skulls of instadeath with the giant tower knight and you've got problems.

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