Kaltic Razor

 Attack 10.0
 Weight 2.5
Dexterity Scaling C
Class 2 Dagger
Flags MP Leech
Special Slide


Kaltic Razor in Salt and Sanctuary is a Dagger type weapon.


A concealable covert knife formerly used by a secret society of assassins known as the Kaltic Order. While the few existing records of this shadowy organization contain conflicting and seemingly embellished reports of their activities, most accounts indicate that the group disbanded decades ago."

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon will have an Attack of 37.8 at tier VII.
  • Grants between 0 and 1.0 Focus per light or heavy attack.

Location/Where to Find

Kaltic Razor Upgrade Table

Name  Attack Dex Scale Material

Kaltic Razor

10.0 C -

Kaltic Razor I

10.3 C Lock of Hair x1

Kaltic Razor II

10.8 C Lock of Hair x2

Kaltic Razor III

11.2 C A Soldier's Poem x1

Kaltic Razor IV

11.6 C A Soldier's Poem x2

Kaltic Razor V

12.1 C A Lord's Orders x1

Kaltic Razor VI

12.6 C A Lord's Orders x2

Kaltic Razor VII

13.1 C A King's Orders x1




Cutpurse Shiv  ♦  Eviscerator  ♦  Midshipman's Dirk  ♦  Opal Tusk  ♦  Pessklaw


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    • Anonymous

      This weapon is useless for any DEX build, it has the lowest damages of its category at 50DEX. So it is clearly a weapon made for mages, thanks to its MP leech property.

      Unfortunately, MP leech is not good at all in this game, since it only gives 1 focus per hit. You are much better with using mana potions / clarity. Also, the damages are negligible, first because the weapon itself has low damages (even as a dagger), second because there is only a DEX scaling, and you are not going to get much DEX as a mage. I feel that this weapon should have either better base damages (and E scaling in DEX), either split damages with arcane and some scaling in MAG to be decent in the long run.

      Fortunately, this weapon still has some niche as an early game weapon for a battle mage. In early game, spells are cheap, willpower is low and you don't have mana potions, so MP leech is actually relevant. Also, there is no weapon with magic scaling at this point of the game, so why not play this one. Pair it with a want (one set with fire magic, the other with lightning) and a storm ring (found above the bandit pass sanctuary with vertigo brand / longjump). Then abuse the square (+ square) + backstep combo. Even if you are out of focus, the mp leech will give you just enough to cast. This comp should carry you though red hall of cage.

      One possible "optimal" build path for a battle mage exploiting this weapon at its full potential would be :
      - Take the amber idol modifier
      - begin as a mage, join the three (or whatever, don't bother to increase devotion)
      - get the magic 2 node, take lightning bolt (hidden near the merchant after banquet) and storm ring (using long jump, or latter with a vertigo brand)
      - get the dagger 2 node (no stat wasted, since Willpower is important early for mages) and transmute a kaltic razor asap (you can join stone root for early alchemist). Use kaltic + wand.
      - replace flashfire with fireball (pickup in red hall of cage), get the wand 3 node, transmute a necromancer's virge (using the amber idol of forgotten dome) and if you want more aoe go get lightning arc and magic 3 node
      - when you feel that kaltic razor becomes too useless, get the sword 4 node, join house of splendor, increase devotion to 4 (easy at this point), buy a diamond cluster and transmute a nice magic sword (like the shikeimaru).
      - Then focus on increasing magic

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