New Game Plus is a feature of Salt and Sanctuary, whereas once the last boss is defeated and the credits roll, players have the option of replaying the game with all their stats and gear from the previous run. The consecutive playthroughs bring a new challenge as enemies increase in difficulty, and hide new treasures for players to continue developing their characters.

Note: The Final Boss can be defeated without triggering the ending, to leave you have to use a Bell of Return, Calling Horn or just leave to the main menu and then continue to reset to your last used sanctuary.


Changes with New Game Plus

  • All bosses, NPCs and shortcuts reset
  • All keys are lost and must be re-acquired
  • All brands are lost and must be re-acquired
  • All Sanctuaries and their offerings reset.
  • Enemies and Bosses do more damage, have more health, and drop significantly more salt
  • All merchant inventories reset


What carries over to New Game Plus

  • Player level, equipment and inventory including materials and boss remains, but excluding keys
  • Character Devotion to a specific creed
  • Unspent salt and gold


To-do list before New Game Plus


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    • Anonymous

      07 Jul 2021 09:27  

      A bit strange that the whole NG+ cycles feel both somewhat undertested (even though the game got a pretty long update history) and, well, being there just for the sake of being there. "Hey, Souls-like games have NG+ as one of the staple concept, right? Let's just throw it in then". It turned out to be "DPS Test The Mode" though, but, hey, an attempt was made.

      No new content is unlocked. Heck, even altered placement of regular mobs or reskins of those mobs as minibosses would be welcome and not that time-consuming to do. Having a hostile "phantoms" in the form of sanctuary NPC spawning somewhere in the world also would be great, and devs even acknowledged this idea during the development. Loot is absolutely the same, and after completing the game once or twice, you'll probably know where to find any item, weapon or secret wall in the whole game. Having to choose a mutually exclusive path on each playthrough would single-handedly make NG+ meaningful, and there's even traces of that idea still in the game (skippable False Jester). Like, imagine if you would need to choose: Cran's Passage or Mal's Floating Castle (this one is pretty obvious, lol, it's just an example)? Go to the Sunken Keep through Watching Woods, or through Village of Smiles, locking the access for discarded path for current run? Something like that, non-linear, mutually exclusive sections. Exclusive bosses unlocked after maxing the devotion with the creed, even in the form of "tiny location in the middle of nowhere consisting of two rooms and a bossfight as uninspired as Untouched Inquisitor" would be welcome. Especially because the general lore of the game is surprisingly nice and deep, there's a lot to use. And again, i remember this exact idea lingering around during the development. But what you have instead is the groundhog day.

      And mechanically, well... Everything feels way too spongy unless you're playing a certain selection of builds - pretty scarce one, tbh, and mostly relying on minmaxing and "viable" weapons. Barrage mage feels pretty okay. GS or polearm cleric curb stomps everything on and on (gave up at the start of NG+7 out of boredom, but i'm pretty sure it would stay viable on higher cycles), Flint & Steel scales somewhat manageable. But most of the T0-T3 weapons are simply becoming obsolete even with NG+. It's possible to play with them, yes, it's just absolutely devoid of fun. IMHO, of course, but knowing that you can effectively play with only a narrow selections of builds, fighting through literal beef gates to see the content you've seen before don to singular attack patterns of mobs is kinda demoralizing a bit. It IS a challenge, hands down, to complete a run with all the enemies buffed and being forced to choose "either you using a T4-T5 weapons/same two spells, or regard any mob as a rather dull boss". Just a really uninspired and pointless challenge.

      On NG, most weapons, especially low-tier ones, can really be "felt". There's a good reason to use flashy combos, like sword reg-reg-reg-str atk. Mobs are rather dangerous, but their TTK is low enough to keep things interesting. Heavy armor feels like a tradeoff, since you're not high-lvl enough to fastroll in it, but it really keeps your innards in. On NG+ - the first one - even the full Kraekan or Umbral set feels like it's made of cardboard, greatsword once wielded by deity cannot quickly kill a drownie in decomposing rags or a damn dog, and it generally makes more sense to pick out tightly packed enemies one by one, aggroing them with potatoes from afar, than jumping into the fray for, you know, fun. Interestingly, NG+2 and higher don't feel as radical as NG+ does, or maybe you just get used by that point, idk. The only (somewhat) saving grave of NG+ is parry - it becomes more of a handy tool rather than "win 50% of the encounters automatically and unscathed if you know how to parry", as it feels on NG.
      It's sad that most fun (personally ofc) can be actually received by making a fresh char, cheating some "core" build item with save editor right from the start (like some weapon you would normally receive in the latter half of the game, say, Naginata, Flint & Steel, or fashion items for a specific look), and playing only through NG. You kill pretty fast, but also can be killed pretty fast as well and that feels awesome. Somehow more awesome than pointless gitgud, and it's actually feels odd to write this, 'cause i'm usually all in for that sweet masochistic Souls gitgudding.

      tl;dr everything becomes inadequately spongy and that's literally the only thing NG+ brings on the table - it's bearable, but isn't exactly entertaining, much like autoleveling in TES Oblivion worked

      • Anonymous

        02 Jun 2020 10:08  

        NG+just takes the fun out I mean yea it can be done but there is little enjoyment in being forced to wear heavy armor or be perfect with your rolling while bosses just soak up damage

        • Anonymous

          27 Dec 2019 21:06  

          Worth noting that all your boss souls reset, at least mine did. I was thinking of making a tier 5 reaper but nvm.

          • Anonymous

            08 May 2018 14:27  

            Nothing like geting insta-killed by half of the enemies in late game ng+.
            The one who did the scaling for some bosses and enemies really fucked up.
            Also there is basically no additional content in ng+, theres pretty much no reason why to play it, just start a new game with new character.

            • Anonymous

              10 Apr 2018 13:47  

              something to remember that will make your runs easier is that you can stack multiple buffs on your weapon at the same time. They do not cancel each other out. I use the greater holy buff spell, fireurn, pessmud, and a shockstone before popping a goldenwine sometimes lol. Combine that with the jaws of death and your chunking the bosses hard even on NG+

              • Anonymous

                24 Jan 2017 01:52  

                Meh, depending on your build NG+ can be *****ing impossible or a piece of cake. I myself recommend a caster OR paladin build, got to NG+ 4 and +7 with these. My whip hunter could barely do anything in NG+1 tho, I think Dex based builds are really bad.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jan 2017 10:40  

                  Bull*****! Beat the last boss>Door appeared>Entered>Ran right>Cutscene>Im in ng+."players have the option" bull*****.Dark souls 2 and 3 has the option.Salt and sanctuary doesn't

                  • Anonymous

                    lol30 Aug 2016 01:53  

                    did a 2nd char and beat the game in total (all bosses including optiional ones done in every run from 1st to ng+7) in 47h 46min 54sec. this was no planned speedrun or sth just playing the game so pls guys never ever call this any hard again anywhere. if this is too hard for u u didnt understand this game.

                    • Anonymous

                      so u call this hard? uhm.... dafuq?15 Aug 2016 01:11  

                      NG+ kills all the fun? maybe NG7+ :'D actually i ran through the normal game in light armor with a staff in hands as a caster.... as i got to NG+ i simply realised light armor is not the way to go anymore and kept farming up till i was able to run around in tainted armor. no i am working on some physical dmg but holy crap my caster 3shots kryptkeepers and nothing is able to kill me. just hammered murdiella mal away without using 1 potion so pls dont cry. if u are not able to beat NG+ ur simply doing it wrong.

                      • Anonymous

                        For the lazy and cheaters31 May 2016 08:26  

                        Listen I know that the first play through was rough(It took two days to beat for the very first time, no shield) but making the game almost impossible is not cool, so If you want a simple second journey go here"". listen this is only for those who have reached NG+, If done before then you must really suck at games. note: I'm 14 years old and it was a very salty journey there was so much rage all I used to win was a Shrouded Bulwark with a flame charm. I also have anger issues. so in all what i'm trying to say is cheat if you've earned it by getting to NG+, if you not there dot't give up you can make it, I(Spike: first character) believes in you. so be a winner and when online multi-player comes I will fight alongside you fine warriors, ok. I will be around for those who need info and help with the game. P.S. Nameless god is weak to my items(Shrouded Bulwark VI and flame charm). so theres some helpful advice guys and gals see you nets time, Need anything contact"Kevon johnson" is not my real name, well "Kevon" is my first name.) till next time.

                        • Anonymous

                          Nonsense28 May 2016 13:22  

                          NG+ kills all the fun, there is nothing new in the game and everything 2 shots you for no particular reason. And that's wearing Class 5 Heavy armor. I've gotten to Disemboweled Husk and one bullet from the rain attack almost kills you, with Divine Armor on. Amping the difficulty is one thing, turning enemies into one finger death punch HP sponges is another, with no real reward to top it off.

                          • Anonymous

                            NG+ is impossible23 May 2016 16:09  

                            I can't advance from the Tree of Man level. I have a Scythe-Pistol build *I leveled up several weapons to the max) and everything just 2 shots me. Is there any way to up the HP number? Also the wounding effect destroys you on ng+.Any tips?

                            • Anonymous

                              work orders03 Apr 2016 20:59  

                              make sure to do the 6 work orders from your chosen faction from the leader stone. They reset in NG+ so if you don't do them on each playthrough you miss out on potions and other things.

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