Attack 16.0
Weight 12.0
 Strength Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
Class 4 Reaper
Flags MP Leech
Special Extra blunt

 Gravedigger in Salt and Sanctuary is a Reaper type weapon.


This ominous scythe is constructed entirely from the mandible and vertebral column of a Kraekan. The sun-bleached bones appear to have lain exposed on a beach for ages and were likely scavenged by an enterprising castaway, though they offer no clues as to whether this weapon was fashioned for purposes fair or foul.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Strength and 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 100.8 at tier VII.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • This weapon is weaker than the Rusted Greatladle at 50 Strength and 50 Dexterity despite being a higher tier weapon and having higher scaling.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Gravedigger Upgrade Table


  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Upgrade Materials


16.0 C C -

Gravedigger I

 16.4  C C Frozen Doll x1

Gravedigger II

 16.9  C C Frozen Doll x2

Gravedigger III

 17.4  C C Frozen Locket x1

Gravedigger IV

18 C C Frozen Locket x2

Gravedigger V

 18.5 C C Frozen Reliquary x1

Gravedigger VI

 19.1 C C Frozen Reliquary x2

Gravedigger VII

 19.6 C C Frozen Tome x1




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