Greatswords in Salt and Sanctuary are a type of Weapon. They are very large and have slower attacks than standard Swords, but hit harder.

 It is possible to wield Greatswords in 1-hand if you have one tier above them in the skill tree (Class 3 swords needed to 1-hand Class 2 Greatswords, for example), but even then you will attack slower compared to when you're 2-handing the weapon (Scharfrichter being the exception).  Class 5 Greatswords cannot be 1-handed.


Name & Icon Attack Str Scaling
Dex Scaling Mag Scale Special Wgt Class
Kureimoa 14.0 S C - - 12 1
Shrouded Bulwark 40.0 D  - - MP Leech /
Extra Blunt
16  2
Chitin Obelisk 38.0 C  - - Extra Blunt 20  2
Black Widow 16.0/16.0 D - B


11 2
Jaws of Death 28.0 B -



16 2
Seawolf Cutlass 48.0 D  - - HP Leech  15  3
Northern Cross 10.0/10.0 S - S Lightning /
Extra Blunt
18 3
Scharfrichter 20.0 S - - Fast Hitter 16 4
Trinity Greatsword 24.0 S  - - HP Leech /
Fast Hitter
18 5
Blade of Envy 24.0 B B - Slow Hitter 23 5


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    • Anonymous

      I have a Shrouded Bulwark V and I want to turn it into a Scharfrichter but it doesnt say I can transmute it into that, why? Do I need a certain level of devotion???

      • Anonymous

        This weapon class seems to do more damage (50% more) on rolling/strong attack if you hit a foe during an attack animation and does less damage (30% less) on the same attack if you hit after or before the attack animation of the foe (the counter window might be related to when the enemy's attack would've damaged you if it connected). That's why the Jaws of Death are so strong, you always get the bonus on the scissor-attack regardless of what the victim is doing.

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