Cocoon Battledore

 Attack 10.0
 Weight 8.0
 Magic Scaling S
Class 5 Wand
Flags -
Special -

 Cocoon Battledore in Salt and Sanctuary is a Wand type weapon.


An ornate silk fan graced with a delicately-embroidered butterfly motif. Woven with gossamer from the wings of Murdiella Mal, Queen of the Moonless Sky, this elegant instrument grants unparallelled mastery of elemental forces but answers only to those with the ironclad will to tame its tremendous power. The gentlest wave scatters a trail of ethereal scales in its wake, sowing devastation even as it flutters serenely amid the shimmering aster.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic this weapon has an Attack of 77.3 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Cocoon Battledore Upgrade Table


Name  Attack Mag Scale Material

Cocoon Battledore

10.0 S -

Cocoon Battledore I

10.5 S Drowned Idol x1

Cocoon Battledore II

11.0 S Drowned Idol x2

Cocoon Battledore III

11.5 S Drowned Locket x1

Cocoon Battledore IV

12.1 S Drowned Locket x2

Cocoon Battledore V

12.7 S Drowned Censer x1

Cocoon Battledore VI

13.4 S Drowned Censer x2
Cocoon Battledore VII 14.0 S Drowned Tome x1





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    • Anonymous

      Well, on NG3 i have a problem, the Witch boss just obliterated me into oblivion... i just cant yolo her with a staff... so i found another way. I just used nameless god shield and a wand, and during her heavy spam phases just blocked biggest part of her damage, sure damage was lower but at least i won war of attrition.

      • Anonymous

        Great wand for a new game plus combo build. You can always have a staff in the other set too in case you need long range high damage.

        • I think a lot of people understand wands the wrong way. Wands are not made as a stand alone ranged weapon. That's the staff's job, also why they have higher dmg. Wands are made to weave spells into your melee combo for a more aggressive type of mage. Usually after the 2nd hit (after the first for whips) you can combo your spell, and your character will cast the spell and do a backstep, also making it ideal for dodging as the backstep built into the combo will not consume extra stamina as opposed to rolling. Best paired with another magic wpn IE Branding iron, Searing manacle, Aster Monolith etc, and whatever incantation you feel like using. I think wands are greatly underestimated for their melee potential. As for this particular wand, extra expensive and requires a shimmering pearl. Good if you're on NG+ have a ton of salt and need wtv upgrade you can get. But I'd go for the cheaper Rostrum Scepter on NG.

          • For all purposes Wands indeed are just bad. It is a little sad but nit a huge deal since you can easily nab a staff early from a Stone Mage. Maybe if all spells had casting time and Wands were faster on the draw than staves? Oh well still a great little (BIG) game!

            • Anonymous

              That's right kids. A tier 5 wand does less damage than a tier 1 staff! Look at the bright side! You don't need to press L1 to get to it!

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