Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D platformer that draws much of its inspiration from From Software's 'Souls' series of video games. The game is frequently described as "2D Dark Souls" and is widely considered the 'Souls-like' game that most accurately captures the essence of the Souls series.


The Story

The story begins with a doomed sailor who is shipwrecked on an uncharted island. In fog-shrouded valleys, where grinning, mossy corpses cling to rusted arms, shambling figures begin to stir. Beneath crumbling, salt-worn structures, labyrinthine passageways lead to unspeakable evil, long forgotten by man.



Salt and Sanctuary is a hardcore 2D action RPG, featuring over 600 unique items, an extensive character customization system, complex, stylized combat, rewarding exploration, and challenging enemies, as well as a hand-drawn art style lent to the characters and environments. Initially developed as a single player experience, the game now features local Co-op and PvP for you and your favorite couch partner/adversary. 


The Verdict

This 2D conceptualization of the 'Souls-like' genre is the perfect thing for fans of the Soulsborne games to sink their teeth into!

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    • Anonymous

      i wish you could emote when finishing off a boss or just emote in general. like dancing or mocking people to hurry up.

      • Anonymous

        The game would be great if you knew you'll enter a Boss room... It's highly frustrating to walk into a random corridor and it's Boss time when u have 9k salt on you. At least Dark souls shows a fog wall. This is usually just surprise butt sex

        • Anonymous

          Its a good buy at... *checks store page* Holy crap I didn't realize it was actually less than $20! In all seriousness it is a good game. It has all the good of the souls games. Some of the bad from them, and a little bit of it's own bad. (James why did you put in platforming if you don't like it!?!) I've actually enjoyed it more than the souls games. Though that may be because being 2D it allows for it to maintain the feeling of Dark Souls while still being accessible, and no that doesn't mean easy. It will cause you to pull out plenty of hair, but being 2D allows you to easily grasp a situation and see what you did wrong. Recommendation for new players. Play a mage. You won't have to worry about ammo, and (most) bosses are a lot easier to take at range.

          • Anonymous

            Dark Souls+2D Castelvania Games(Symphony of the Night,Order Of Ecclesia etc,etc)= Salt & SanctuaryAbout 15-25H to first playthrough without guides,nice skill tree,remember me to Path Of EXileWorth game,buy it and maybe we have a S&S2 :D

            • Anonymous

              It is a pretty good souls clone, it has all the good and bad of souls games. If you want an easy playthrough, choose spell classes or gun. Strength build is pretty tanky. Dexterity build could be a bit challenging, but if you get use to roll timing, you will be fine.You would be better off invest skill levels on increasing offensive stats, and don't obsess on higher class weapons. Some higher class weapons split damage among three stats, thus if you have been leveling on one or two offensive stats, you could be worst off. You don't need class 5 weapon to beat first playthrough.

              • Anonymous

                Can't reply... I spent 6h. Did explore everything and died plenty... Skipped å lot of mobs once area explored when focusing bosses. Capped at lvl 30 where I killed the last boss in the castle. 5 pots, rank 1 mend 2h paladin

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