Murdiella Mal



NG+7 11,400


10 Gold

0 Salt

NG+7 290,640 Salt

Murdiella Mal's Ashes

Strike 100 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 200 Poison 0
Block 0 Holy 0(500*)
Block Damage 0 Arcane 0(250*)
Block Magic 0    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Murdiella Mal is an optional Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Murdiella Mal, the insectoid Kraekan, the Murderfly, the Queen of Moonless Sky. She exists partially in the ethereal fabric of fire and sky, her tendrils weaving in and out of the celestial realm."


  • Mal's Floating Castle: At the very top.
  • Coordinates: {X:49030.97 Y:1239.321}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Holy
  • Weak vs: Slash and all Elements
  • Strong vs: Strike

Phase 1

  • Frontal holy slash
  • Proximity homing holy missiles
  • Holy missile rain on white target zones

Phase 2

  • Frontal holy slash becomes a 3-hit combo
  • More frequent teleports and faster chaining


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Any wand can be transmuted into the Cocoon Battledore using Murdiella Mal's Ashes, a Shimmering Pearl and 100.000 Salt.
  • This boss can be cheesed with the right build. Every single attack she does is Holy; if you have the adequate stats to wield Ashen Effigy, every single attack will deal 0 damage while blocking. With patience and waiting for her to cast the arcane missle barrage to get a few attacks in, you can finish this fight with no problem.
  • A noticed bug that happens is when you're blocking her three hit melee combo attack, if you press directly against her and block her first hit will make contact but the other two will act as if you're not there. (To be confirmed)



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    • Anonymous

      Used to be somewhat worth it in NG+ because she dropped salt then but now the devs patched it so she never drops any salt no matter what. Guess this boss just got obsolete, gonna just use her castle for farming and never see her again.

      • Anonymous

        The 0 salt drop is in my opinion not a bug. Lore wise, this might indicates Murdiella Mal’s essence: She’s a true goddess rather than mortal saltborne. She is a lightborne, has no salt to drop. Unlike the Nameless, who wants born-of-light desperately but will never succeed.

        • Anonymous

          Her holy slash actually doesn't become the 3-hit combo in phase two. the 3-hit combo, while very similar, is actually a whole new attack gained in addition to everything else, as she's still capable of doing the original single hit slash and both have different startup animations

          • Anonymous

            If you have trouble dodging her homing missiles (the 5 little stars that she summons around her), watch her head closely. When she starts raising her head back, roll away from her (I'm assuming you are fast rolling) and cue a jump during the roll. This will make you jump immediately at the end of the roll. While mid-air, dash towards her. Retaliate.

            • Anonymous

              Stay close to her and roll around her. That seemed to have worked because then her airstrike [basically] will just target the area you're in. Also a Greatsword and I think all elements chop her down to size. Blocking in this case isn't very handy...

              • Anonymous

                you don't get salt and gold because you kill her only for the transumation item which it the Murdiella Mal's Ashes

                • Anonymous

                  I can confirm the blocking bug. although i kept blocking because I didn't want to die, my stamina did not decrease after the first hit.

                  • Anonymous

                    i had the full holy knight armor so she didnt deal too much dmg
                    get it by giving the bag of dirt to the guy under the village of smiles

                    • Anonymous

                      always keeps yourself below her, worst case scenario she'll punch you, but you wont die from infinite magic spam hardcore bs

                      • Anonymous

                        Tested all elements,no difference in damage other than arcane wrecks her so badly she seems to stop teleporting and tries to corner you to death because she is so pissed.

                        • Anonymous

                          I tested it out with Mildewed Set and Faithful Ring (Very high arcane DEF). I was taking 42 damage per projectile.(I also tested lightning since it says she's related to the sky. I also took a ton of damage, but I didn't record the damage number).I put on the Bloodbrow set and Clay Mask to get the highest holy DEF I could and I was taking around 31 damage per shot.Seeing as the projectiles are also white, I am going to assume it actually does Holy damage. I at least know for sure that she doesn't do arcane damage, or lightning.

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