The Untouched Inquisitor



NG+7 8,100


13,010 Gold

13,000 Salt

NG+7 321,840 Salt

The Untouched Inquisitor's Ashes

Strike 500 Fire -50(-40*)
Slash 0 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 0 Holy 500
Block Damage 0 Arcane -50(-40*)
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

The Untouched Inquisitor is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Alasdair, True Priest of Light, Voice of Her Voice, The Untouched Inquisitor. A holy man who saw sin in what was once called the Dome of Light, he saw to it that that with sin was made sacrifice, so that the Untouched could flourish. The First Lamb was the congregation, the Second Lamb was Laineia, the Dome's Lady of Light, and the Third Lamb was Kinoa, her beloved pet."


  • Dome of the Forgotten: Bottom left portion of the map (you must go right first)
  • Coordinates: {X:60699.6 Y:13237.2}
  • Boss Flags: Hardlight Brand becomes available for learning after the boss / Merchant progress



Combat Information

  • Attack Types:
  • Weak vs: Lightning, Poison, Fire and Arcane Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike and Holy Damage

Phase 1

  • When above ground level, the boss will do one of three attacks: A basic pincer swing with very low startup, a 4 point hit on the ground, and a 3 point hit on the ground. The 4 point and 3 point hits both cover a different area, so there is no 'safe' area to be under the boss. The multipoint hits have a little startup lag, so take that as a cue to time a dodge roll and iframe the attack.
  • When on ground level, the boss will do one of two attacks: A basic pincer swing with very low startup, and a very wide reaching swing covering a majority of the arena ground. The wide reaching attack has a safe spot under the boss, but be wary of the basic pincer attack.

Phase 2

  • Behaviour does not change. The boss remains the same through all it's HP bar.


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Craft from drop: Purifier and Headsman's Voulge
  • You can skip this Boss by landing on the exact platform that activates the lift that leads to The Third Lamb
  • It's pincer attack cannot be parried,but it's chain drop attack can.
    • Due the erratic nature of the hitboxes on it's chain drop attack, it's not advised to parry however: The attack can just go through without hitting you at all.
  • All of it's attacks can easily be completely blocked with a shield that has full physical resist. While it consumes a fair amount of stamina to block, the interval between attacks is long enough to allow the player to regain any stamina lost.
  • Does not have much stagger resistance. It's completely possible for the player to just stagger it to death with the adequate weapons.


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    • Anonymous

      Equip your best greatsword/greatscissor/greataxe and start hackin away at him. Gets the job done quicker with pitchfire

      • Anonymous

        I love this guy's design and lore (he's very similar to Pontiff Sulyvahn from DS3), it's a pity his fight was so boring.

        • Anonymous

          Holy*****, this guy has got to be the easiest Souls-type boss I've encountered. The only one that died quicker was Pinwheel, and that doesn't count since you're basically meant to fight Pinwheel the moment you beat the Moonlight Butterfly, not after going through half the DLC and having a fully upgraded weapon.

          • Anonymous

            Just get the Huge Armored knight to knock you up on the ledge opposite the chest and fight the Third Child, boss does not need to be beat to receive Hardlight brand.

            • Anonymous

              Seriously if you have a shield to block 100% slash you just take the blow then give him a smack. Nice and slow and telegraphs well, does this guy.

              • Anonymous

                One of the easiest boss to beat as assassin, Keep close to him, roll to avoid his blades and use fast dagger attacks combined with fire charm.

                • Anonymous

                  Mage characters seem to be a bit OP at this point in the game because I was able to defeat this guy, that stench most foul and the third lamb all in under 10 seconds with the fireball spell. Not bragging, just pointing out that magic makes these guys kind of a boring fight.

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