Axes in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They usually have a slower attack speed than most other weapons, but deal more damage per hit.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Mag Scale Special Wgt Class
Woodsman's Axe 6.0 A A - - 6 0
Battle Axe 16.0 D D - Extra Blades 8 1
Raider Axe 16.0 A - - Slide 8 2
Batsuichi Tsuka 20.0 B E - Charm Move /
Slow Hitter
10 2
Stone Cleaver 20.0 B - - Poise /
Extra Blades
10 2
Red Guillotine 18.0 B - - Charm Move 8 3
Aster Monolith 11.0 / 11.0 C - C Lighting /
Extra Blunt
8 3
Venom Arbelos 14.0 / 14.0 - C - Poison /
Slow Hitter
8 4
Kraekan Axe 18.0 A E - Slow Hitter 9 4
Axe of Splendor 12.0 S D - - 12  5


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    • Anonymous

      The Batsuichi Tsuka is transmuted from a boss ash that can only be reached during 2nd half of the game... yet the axe is only a class 2 with not so high scaling. Players can already get better axe by that time. So I think the dev should have put the redshift obstacle on the side from Ruined Temple rather than Red Hall of Cages, so that player can access this axe sooner.

      • Anonymous

        All axe seem to do half strike half slash damages. tried every pure physical axes and they deal less than pure slash vs slash weak ennemies and less than mace on strike weak ennemies.

        • Anonymous

          very good damages for low stats character and scale very well compared to sword, thus stay very good, even if most player prefer sword in their mind they should give those weapons a try.

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