Skills: marksman-icon.png hunter-icon.png
Str: 5 End: 5 Dex: 6
Will: 6 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Hunter is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Hunter Information

Hunter is the only Class that begins with a Crossbow and is one the only Class that can use Whips from the beginning of the game. Choosing this Class means that you will want to focus your Skill Points on Marksman and Hunter (Skill). You will want to invest points into Bolstered Dexterity to increase the damage of your Weapons and Renewed Will to increase Stamina.

Recommended Stats


Starting Equipment

Hunter's Gloveshunter_boots.png

Hunter Armor Location:

You are also able to collect the Hunter set from a chest in the Castle of Storms immediately after the Sanctuary, exit to the right. Jump up to the platform above and there will be a chest containing the Hunter armor set. Note: This is a level 0 Heavy Armor set.

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