Phoenix Tail

 Attack 10.0/10.0
 Weight 12.0
Strength Scaling Magic Scaling Dexterity Scaling

5 Whip

1 Magic

Flags Fire
Special Extra blunt

 Phoenix Tail in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword Whip type weapon.



An innovative weapon devised by a shipwrecked blacksmith based upon a design originating from Tristin. The interlocking segments of its blade have been forged with red iron and Emberskull ash, imbuing its attacks with searing flame. The blacksmith, in a display of pardonable pride, has named it to evoke the fiery plumage of a legendary bird revered as a symbol of longevity.


Notes and Tips:

  • Does not work with class 5 swords. Only class 5 whip and class 1 magic will allow you to wield this weapon.
  • At 50 Strength, 50 Dexterity and 50 Magic this weapon has an Attack of 68.5/41.3 at tier VII.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Two-handed retains the sword moveset while one handed light attacks are sword and strong have a whip moveset.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Phoenix Tail Upgrade Table


  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Mag Scale Material

Phoenix Tail

10.0/10.0 C C C -

Phoenix Tail I

10.5/10.5 C C C Charred Doll x1

Phoenix Tail II

11.0/11.0 C C C Charred Doll x2

Phoenix Tail III

11.5/11.5 C C C Charred Locket x1

Phoenix Tail IV

12.1/12.1 C C C Charred Locket x2

Phoenix Tail V

12.7/12.7 C C C Charred Reliquary x1

Phoenix Tail VI

13.4/13.4 C C C Charred Reliquary x2

Phoenix Tail VII

14.0/14.0 C C C Charred Tome x1



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    • Anonymous

      best whipsword in the game. :)

      Recommend pairing with the Lucent Musketoon for awesome fun and enemy destruction.

      • This is actually a good wpn for a purely magic build. Since whips give willpower (and you need will power on a mage) there is no stat points "wasted". This is one of the best melee options (combined with a wand for the magic combo). It will get more fire damage than the searing manacle, and since it scales C in both strength and dex it will get a slighty better physical dmg than the searing manacle (which is the cheaper option). Manacle has a slightly better buff factor and is twice as light... But sword whips have the sexiest moveset.

        • Anonymous

          There is nothin cool about it.. If you got 50 Str, 50 Dex and 50 Mag.. why should you use this weapon? This weapon is a troll.

          • Anonymous

            It's expensive(salt and material). It need high class of whip. It need class 2 of magic. It's heavy(weighted 12.0). But It's so COOL!!!

            • Anonymous

              This sounds more like a NG+ weapon because even though if we managed to transmute this weapon in NG, I forsee it won't be powerful enough as we only has that much salt to invest... I highly doubt we can have 50 in all 3 stats during end game NG.

              • The moveset has a ton of variety (especially one-handed), pairs really well with a flintlock (roll, triangle, L2 is of my favorite combos in the game), and the fire damage comes in handy against certain enemies and some bosses.

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