The Unskinned



NG+7 9,500


12,010 Gold

NG 12,000 Salt

NG+1 95700 Salt

NG+7 329,440 Salt

The Unskinned's Liver

Strike 500(50*) Fire -50(-40*)
Slash 0(50*) Lightning -50(-40*)
Poise 100(200*) Poison -50(-40*)
Block 100 Holy -50(-40*)
Block Damage 60 Arcane -50(-40*)
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

The Unskinned is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Personal guardian of Kaira, the Architect. Salt Alkymancy is an incredibly difficult practice, and the Unskinned represents the culmination of Kaira's formidable skill."



  • Salt Alkymancery: on the lower left portion of the map, after going down and then up again through a chute.
  • Coordinates: {X:48561.28 Y:35031.36}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical melee, knockback
  • Weak vs: All Elements
  • Strong vs: Strike

Phase 1

  • Attacks similar to a small version of The Bloodless Prince;
  • Raises hands above his head and slams them down in front of him.
  • Raises hands and roars, pauses, then charges across the arena, eventually falling over.
  • Raises his foot and stomps down heavily.
  • If you are still close after his basic slam or stomp, he may sweep his hands forward from slightly behind him to in front of him.

Phase 2

  • Behaviour does not change.



Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes



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