Daggers in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They have short range, but can attack rapidly and use very little Stamina when attacking.

Move Sets

1-handed+ shield or no shield

Light: Regular forward slash attack.
Heavy: Dagger spins in hand then thrust.
No charge/hold attacks 1-handed
Jump → Light = Slashing in the air for up to four times.
Jump → Heavy = Hammer-like strong attack.
Jump → 3 attacks (either) → Heavy = Jump + 3 attacks, followed by spin downwards/stab.
Roll → Light or Heavy = Roll ending with either one of the regular or strong attack.
Light → Heavy = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward that launches some mobs in the air and interrupts others. The kick deals Strike damage instead of Slash, making it effective against many foes that the rest of the dagger moveset struggles against. (Cannot be performed when over 50% equip load.)
Light → Heavy → Heavy = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward followed by hammer-like strong attack. 
Light → Heavy → While mid-air use 3 attacks → press Heavy = Regular attack, followed by a kick jump. While in mid-air slash three times using 'Light'. After slashing, press Heavy to execute a spinning attack before slamming the ground.


Light = Regular/slower forward slash.
Heavy = Strong/slower forward thrust.
Hold Light = Charged up forward slash.
Hold Heavy = Charged up forward thrust.
Jump → Light = Jump + forward slash attack.
Jump → Heavy = Jump + downward stab attack. (You cannot jump → reg → hammer stab)
Roll → Light or Heavy = Roll ending with either one of the slash or thrust attack. (You can charge the attack if you want)
Light → Heavy = Forward slash + uppercut-like forward jump.
Light → Heavy → Heavy = Forward slash + uppercut-like forward jump ending with hammer stab.
Light → Light → Heavy → Heavy = Double forward slash + thrust ending with a slightly delayed slide forward slash.



Name & Icon Atk Atk at 50 Dex at tier VII Dex Scale Wis Scale Special Wgt Class
daggerMidshipman's Dirk 6.0 42.3 S - None 2.0 0
dagger curvedCutpurse Shiv 8.0 43.6 A - None  2.0  1
dagger shivKaltic Razor 10.0 37.8 C - MP Leech/Slide  2.5 2
dagger poisonPessklaw 6.0 Slash/6.0 Poison 22.6 Slash / 22.6 Poison C - Poison/Slide  3.0 3
dagger jaggedEviscerator 16.0 46.0 E - HP Leech 3.0 4
dagger whiteOpal Tusk 8.5 Slash/8.5 Holy 23.5 Slash / 27.4 Holy* D D Holy/Extra Blunt 2.0 5

 * Wisdom was also at 50.

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    • Anonymous

      For a pure dex based dagger build, don’t bother going above rank 3 for dagger, and get a good off hand as two handing won’t do much without strength scaling. But the pessclaw is pretty great… once you have that (which is easy since you can transmute it) worry about other aspects of your build. A crossbow or a pistol makes a nice offhand.

      • Anonymous

        Imo very usefull combo is guardian blade, at first glance a useless prayer but with daggers its really shine. Seems like he attacks faster and together with daggers combo they staggering really big enemy or even bosses on NG2+. (tested guardian blade at 50wis)

        • Anonymous

          In my testing I've found out that the kick attack (1-handed light>heavy) does pure strike damage. This is pretty helpfull for dex builds because it gives them an alternative to guns for dealing with slash resistant enemies.

          • Eviscerator is the best dagger in the game. Unless you want some weird quirk like MP leech for mages or poison with pessklaw but poison is all it's good for. It looks like it has the worst scaling in the game but then you realise damage scaling works from the base damage of the weapon making it have the highest damage in the game at any point of dexterity until maybe super late game where you start putting points to dex past 50 but even then eviscerator is superior due to item buffs on weapons scaling from base damage and if you are that late game you should be using consumable buffs left and right no matter what creed you are in. It also has HP leech on top of all of that although that's only really noticable before you level up too much and get your max health too high.

            • Anonymous

              Square → Triangle = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward that launches weaker mobs in the air/interrupts some others. Can be followed by mid-air attacks of course.
              This combo work only if the equipment load is under 50%

              • Anonymous

                In case you're wondering if it is worth going past the 50 soft-cap in Dexterity for daggers, here is the data about the non-modified Dexterity-based attack power at 285 Dexterity (max) :

                # Midshipman's Dirk VII : 58.5 (+16.2 = the increase in damage from 50 to 285)

                # Cutpurse Shiv VII : 59.2 (+15.6)

                # Kaltic Razor VII : 49.4 (+11.6)

                # Pessklaw VII : 29.6 Slash / 29.6 Poison (+7 Slash / +7 Poison)

                # Eviscerator VII : 57.8 (+11.8) - still the best dagger if you use elemental buffs

                # Opal Tusk VII : 29.6 Slash / Strike 14.8 Slash / 14.8 Strike (+6.1 total)

                On a side note, the damage multiplier for the strong attack (standing thrust and the kick) goes from 4 at 50 Dex to roughly 5.2 at 285 Dex.

                • Anonymous

                  The Lightx3 + Heavy mid-air combo doesn't do as much damage as the Lightx4 mid-air combo but it hits multiple* times quickly. It is a pretty good tool to trigger Poison damage, especially on flying bosses. I can't say if it's also a good way to stack poison. Honestly, it's difficult to test.

                  *The greater the height, the more you spin. But try not to kill yourself.

                  • Anonymous

                    The multiplier on the dagger strong attack will increase the more you invest in dexterity (same for the kick). For instance, you'll do twice as much damage as a light attack at 10 Dex, while at 50 Dex you'll do 4 times the damage of a light. Past 50, it will still increase but in a less drastic manner (probably to balance things out). Still significant enough for the extra points to be worth it.

                    So if you are running a dagger build, keep in mind that even the smallest increase in damage is impactful. Don't hesitate to dump your black pearls in Dexterity (and eventually, the Midshipman's Dirk will be your most damaging dagger).

                    On a side note, the 2nd light attack can be followed up by a sped up strong attack (the "spin into thrust" attack). But it's not a true combo, unless you're using the Mossy charm. So you can mix things up, instead of spamming your light attack button. For example : Lightx4 > Light* + Strong.

                    *After a 4-hit combo, another light attack input comes out as the 2nd light instead of the 1st and the strong attack follow-up is faster.

                    • Anonymous

                      THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use daggers :


                      (I'm not the uploader, just a sub)

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