Opal Tusk

 Attack 8.5/8.5
 Weight 2.0
Dexterity Scaling D
Wisdom Scaling D

5 Dagger

1 Prayer

Flags Holy
Special Extra blunt


Opal Tusk in Salt and Sanctuary is a Dagger type weapon.


An opalescent crystal dagger carved from the tusk of a divine beast known as a Lightkin. Glimpsed only in the deep forests surrounding remote temples and shrines, these regal felines are thought to be attracted to holy sites and are widely regarded as omens of good fortune."

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity and 50 Wisdom this weapon will have an Attack of 23.5/27.4 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

Opal Tusk Upgrade Table

Name Attack Wis Scale Dex Scale Material

Opal Tusk

8.5/8.5 D D -

Opal Tusk I

8.7/8.7 D D Frozen Doll x1

Opal Tusk II

9.0/9.0 D D Frozen Doll x2

Opal Tusk III

9.2/9.2 D D Frozen Locket x1

Opal Tusk IV

9.5/9.5 D D Frozen Locket x2

Opal Tusk V

9.8/9.8 D D Frozen Reliquary x1

Opal Tusk VI

10.1/10.1 D D Frozen Reliquary x2

Opal Tusk VII

10.4/10.4 D D Frozen Tome x1




Cutpurse Shiv  ♦  Eviscerator  ♦  Kaltic Razor  ♦  Midshipman's Dirk  ♦  Pessklaw


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    • Anonymous

      Remember to use: left click - right click combo to deal big strike damage. Some enemies like the green gravewalker are weak to it but strong against slash.

      • Anonymous

        Game is easy mode with this bad boy. Defeat the tutorial boss, get the shimmering pearl then combine with light mage class. Use divine blessing for extra holy, and equip the holy token and you'll rinse enemies. Bonus if you combine with Goldenwine. Easytown.

        • Anonymous

          Pairs well with the Mosaic Culverin in a Dex build if your main weapon is slash and you're really looking to cut weight anywhere. Late game if you could equip this it's worthwhile. If you're looking to be under 25% of your carry load, this is better than Flanged Mace (2 lbs v 4), which is a lot when you want that max movement speed.

          • This might be a stretch, but could the Opal Tusk potentially be a tusk from the likes of the Catmerch, on Debug Island? That'd declare Catmerch as a Lightkin and since it's near a trader that sells ten tons of good stuff, it sort of makes sense.

            • Anonymous

              Hmm, i need a hint:
              I'm planing to build a quick, mobile fighter, with blessings to cure the party. Since I've seen Leviathan is a slow hitter sword it fell out of my build.
              I hoped for this dagger to fix this, but when the comments are right and Opal Tusk is rly a slow hiter it gets unintresting, too. Does anyone can tell me a diffrent opportunity as alternative quick melee weapon with a dext/ wisd scaling, which fits into my playstyle?

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