Attack 10.0/10.0
 Weight 12.0
 Strength Scaling Wisdom Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
Class  5 Sword
Flags Holy
Special Slow Hitter

 Leviathan in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword type weapon.



A holy sword painstakingly forged from the ashes of Skourzh, Lord of Storms. Etched upon its flat in ancient runes is the name of a forgotten ocean god once known as a patron and protector of those bound to the sea. Though now barely sustained by a few faint prayers, the old god still answers those who invoke its name, and this blade courses with what remains of its divine power.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Strength, 50 Dexterity and 50 Wisdom this weapon has an Attack of 72.3/46.0 at tier VII.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Requires Prayer Class 2.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Leviathan Upgrade Table

  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Wis Scale Material


10.0/10.0 C B B -

Leviathan I

10.3/10.3 C B B Drowned Idol x1

Leviathan II

10.8/10.8  C B B Drowned Idol x2

Leviathan III

11.2/11.2 C B B Drowned Locket x1

Leviathan IV

11.6/11.6 C B B Drowned Locket x2

Leviathan V

12.1/12.1 C B B Drowned Censer x1

Leviathan VI

12.6/12.6 C B B Drowned Censer x2

Leviathan VII

13.1/13.1 C B B Drowned Tome x1




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    • Anonymous

      15 Jan 2018 03:52  

      I just got this weapon and compared it's attack speed with a moss charm to a greatsword (carsjaw's) without a moss charm, and the greatsword swings way faster.
      Do yourself and favor and dont get this weapon.

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2017 20:19  

        It weighs 10 units, not 12.

        Fantastic weapon btw and the coolest-looking sword imo.
        If the attack speed throws you off, 1-hand it and use the Mossy Charm.

        • Anonymous

          07 Apr 2017 05:20  

          This sword ain't all that bad.

          Yes, Slow Hitter kinda devalues the weapon, but you forget it has C/B/B in STR/DEX/WIS, plus you can use a shield with it unlike the Trinity Bardiche which can only be two handed.

          If the slower attack speed is really an issue, then use the Moss Charm to counter the former.

          • Anonymous

            09 Nov 2016 20:25  

            This sword is a total waste, don't ever use it: it is slower than the trinity bardiche, has less damage, less range less everything. It its as slow as a great hammer with the range of a blade. It totally sucks.

            • Anonymous

              Not very good...06 Aug 2016 03:19  

              Does this weapon have a secret property I just don't know about? This weapon isn't very good from what I've seen.

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