Skills: magus-icon.png
Str: 5 End: 5 Dex: 5
Will: 5 Mag: 7 Wis: 5

Mage is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Mage Information

Mage is the only Class that begins with Magic and is the only Class that begins the game with Wands. Choosing this Class means that you will want to focus your Skill Points on Magic User and Magus or Channeler. You will want to invest points into Enhanced Magic to increase the damage of your Weapons and Spells, and Renewed Will to increase Stamina.


Recommended Stats


Starting Equipment

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    • Anonymous

      I chose mage, but found the stamina consumption is too high, and ended up maximizing Polearm and Berserker skill for the strike and slash type boss

      • Playing with Mage - 1st character ever - easy to start with - very hard to master! main reason = my precious FaS Creed is soooo faaaar awaaaaaay( Why? How is it fair, huh?

        • Anonymous

          I was considering some new mage builds, and noticed there wasn't an easy list of Magic-scaling weapons available anywhere. Since the search function on this website isn't the best, I decided to compile a list of them here. I included the equip requirements, scaling ranks, etc. to make things easier.

          On the mechanics side, it's worth mentioning that weapons have separate statistics for the elemental (i.e. magic) damage. So, wielding a Stardust Spire, enemies will take damage from the physical source plus the lightning source, separate defenses applying to both sources. This means that enemies which would normally resist the spear's slash damage but have low lightning defense will end up taking more damage--but only based on the magic side of the weapon. This is important, because some weapons in the game have additional damage sources that aren't tied to stats--which makes the magic-scaling ones here special! Staves and wands all have fairly linear progression, with the capstones being flat out better than the options along the way. As such, they don't present the same set of choices as the weapons below.

          Branding Iron - E: Dex Scaling S: Magic Scaling (Fire) Extra Blunt, Weight: 8.0. Requires Class 4 Swords, Class 1 Magic User
          Shikeimaru - D: Dex Scaling S: Magic Scaling (Arcane) Slide, Weight: 3.5. Requires Class 4 Swords, Class 2 Magic User

          Aster Monolith - C: Str Scaling C: Magic Scaling (Lightning) Extra Blunt, Weight: 8.0. Requires Class 3 Axes

          Searing Manacle - D: Dex Scaling E: Magic Scaling (Fire) Chain Whip, Weight 6.0. Requires Class 3 Whips
          Phoenix Tail - C: Str Scaling C: Dex Scaling C: Magic Scaling (Fire) Extra Blunt, Weight 12.0. Requires Class 5 Whips, Class 1 Magic User (Note: The str and dex both add to the phys. damage source. Magic determines the fire damage of the weapon)

          Stardust Spire - C: Dex Scaling D: Magic Scaling (Lightning) Slide, Weight 8.0. Requires Class 3 Polearms, Class 2 Magic User

          Black Widow - D: Str Scaling B: Magic Scaling (Arcane) Weight 11.0. Requires Class 2 Swords, Class 2 Magic User
          Northern Cross - S: Str Scaling S: Magic Scaling (Lightning) Extra Blunt, Weight 18.0. Requires Class 3 Swords, Class 2 Magic User

          Some honourable mentions are the weapons with the MP leech skill, notably the Kaltic Razor, which can be used with a wand to cast and regain focus with the same loadout. The other MP leech weapons are the Sacrificial Garrote, Gravedigger, and the Shrouded Bulwark. Without a wand, the effect can be enhanced with the Saper Charm, though I can't confirm if this effect stacks with MP leech weapons. Anyhow, hope this helps, my fellow mages.

          • Anonymous

            I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but it's worth noting that spells NEED a magic weapon (either a wand or a staff) to be cast as well as the proper level of magic user. For example, to cast Lightning Bolt, you need a wand/staff equipped and Magic User II. Incantations, on the other hand, only require the appropriate level of Magic User. Both increase in power by increasing the magic stat (with some exceptions among the Incantations).

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