Greathammers are a type of Weapon in Salt and Sanctuary. They require the Heavy Macefighter Skill in order to use them.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Special Wgt Class
Warhammer 48.0 D None 18 1
Monstrous Mace 42.0 C Poise/Slow Hitter 17 2
Obsidian Pillar 76.0 E Poise 24 3
Bonecrusher 40.0 B Poise/Slow Hitter 40 4
Trinity Scepter 24.0 S Fast Hitter 36 5


    • Anonymous

      06 Sep 2017 17:07  

      This weapon class is just broken. The Warhammer, unupgraded, can easily carry you through NG and NG+, with 34 Strength and Goldenwine. And it's just the basic Greathammer...

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