Greathammers are a type of Weapon in Salt and Sanctuary. They require the Heavy Macefighter Skill in order to use them.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Special Wgt Class
Warhammer 48.0 D None 18 1
Monstrous Mace 42.0 C Poise/Slow Hitter 17 2
Obsidian Pillar 76.0 E Poise 24 3
Bonecrusher 40.0 B Poise/Slow Hitter 40 4
Trinity Scepter 24.0 S Fast Hitter 36 5


    • 02 Jan 2018 03:25  

      Easy mode. From the point you aquire your first greathammer you will be able to 1-3 shot every enemy in the game. Maybe 4 shot after you get to end game but that's about it. You also can interrupt or even stunlock every enemy in 2 hits as well save for bosses although some bosses you can do that to as well. All of this probably applies to every big weapon in the game like greataxes and greatswords too but the poise break is probably specific to this weapon class only.

      • Anonymous

        06 Sep 2017 17:07  

        This weapon class is just broken. The Warhammer, unupgraded, can easily carry you through NG and NG+, with 34 Strength and Goldenwine. And it's just the basic Greathammer...

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