Greathammers are a type of Weapon in Salt and Sanctuary. They require the Heavy Macefighter Skill in order to use them.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Special Wgt Class
Warhammer 48.0 D None 18 1
Monstrous Mace 42.0 C Poise/Slow Hitter 17 2
Obsidian Pillar 76.0 E Poise 24 3
Bonecrusher 40.0 B Poise/Slow Hitter 40 4
Trinity Scepter 24.0 S Fast Hitter 36 5


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    • Anonymous

      Greataxe: YEAH
      Warhammer: CLONK
      Monstrous Mace: PLONK
      Obsidian Pillar: ZONK
      Bonecrusher: BONK
      Trinity Sceptre: TONK

      • Anonymous

        The Obsidian Pillar is without question the best greathammer. The Trinity Scepter isn't bad, but it's incredibly heavy (and fast rolls are much more important than durable equipment in this game,) the Fast Hitter property isn't that significant (Poise is just as good,) and of course the base damage. At level VII with 50 Str, the Trinity Scepter does slightly more damage than the Pillar. BUT, weapon buffs in this game favor weapons with higher base damage. They add the base damage to your AR to get the final number. Here is where the Pillar wins out, no question. When you buff it with Divine Blessed Weapon, it gets the most bonus damage of any weapon in the game. Honestly I really don't like how weapon buffs work, because Str weapons with the higher base damage ALWAYS win out on Dex weapons with their measly 10 or 16 base attack, but sometimes it works out in the player's favor and you get a monster like the Pillar.

        • Anonymous

          Two bosses (Sodden Knight & Mad Alchemist) and you can get the Warhammer. I made a throw-away character just to get this and upgrade to the Obsidian Pillar on my main, then gave that to someone just starting the game and it was SMOOTH sailing. I seriously love these things.

          • Easy mode. From the point you aquire your first greathammer you will be able to 1-3 shot every enemy in the game. Maybe 4 shot after you get to end game but that's about it. You also can interrupt or even stunlock every enemy in 2 hits as well save for bosses although some bosses you can do that to as well. All of this probably applies to every big weapon in the game like greataxes and greatswords too but the poise break is probably specific to this weapon class only.

            • Anonymous

              This weapon class is just broken. The Warhammer, unupgraded, can easily carry you through NG and NG+, with 34 Strength and Goldenwine. And it's just the basic Greathammer...

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