Hanged Man

Health: 150
Drops: 250 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Hanged Man's Rope x1 [40]
Potato x1 [10]
Strike 250(125*) Fire -50(-30*)
Slash 0 Lightning 50
Poise 0 Poison 500
Block 0 Holy -50(-67*)
Block Damage 0 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Hanged Man is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A hanged man, still bound. Kar'hi is said to have a law allowing any man to volunteer his life to save a condemned man, perhaps it is with this thought that these creatures are forever attempting to switch places with the living."



Combat Information

    • Attack Types: After a short delay, switches places with you for moderate damage.
    • Weak vs: Slash, Fire, Holy
    • Strong vs: Strike, Poison



Player Notes

      • The mentioned Kar'hi is one of the origins one can chose at the beginning.
      • The Hanged Man's attacks by targeting the player for a set amount of time before the player is teleported to them and hanged for a short amount of time. This targeting can be restarted by attacking the Hanged Man. During the time that the Hanged Man targets you, you will see a spinning crosshair appear around your character and move closer and closer.
      • Be cautious of running into multiple Hanged Man, as their attack can begin during the recovery animation from their attack, thus leading to being chain-stunned without opportunity to escape or attack.


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    • Anonymous

      I hate these so much because they are in groups that I die instantly at lvl 549, so I just use ranged incantations.

      • Anonymous

        These are amazing in concept, horrible in design. I love the lore, the design and the mechanics. But the biggest issue is that they love to float up above you where you can't hit them. Which creates the situation where you can't reach them fast enough, or at all, which means damage that you have no way at all to avoid.

        • Anonymous

          my first encounter with these ended in chain hanging. a basic gank showing how much teh devs love me. we gonna try a pull if that dont work then reset and zerge for the loots, i hate looking at maps and whatnot b4 i clear the area but if the devs wanna be cheesy i shall cheese too, after all meta gaming is common now

          • Anonymous

            They're reminiscent of an enemy from Charlie Murder, another game from Ska. This particular enemy took the form of a wandering ghost, and when said ghost came into contact with the player, they would emit a shriek and the player would find themselves temporarily hanged for damage. Scared the crap out of me.

            • Anonymous

              You don't have to kill these enemies. You can escape their chain of attack by using bell of return before another attack hits you. Maybe same can be achieved with calling horn, but I haven't tested that. They guard a good class 3 shield, but you can get him by quickly running past them, grabbing the shield, and teleporting out as quickly as you can.

              • I cant figure it out at all. I cant even try to 1v1 them because activating one activates all of them and there is like 6 in the same room. they also soak up damage like a thirsty sponge so I cant even kill them before they hang me

                • Anonymous

                  Is there any way to stop these things from hanging you? I've tried dodging at the last second and blocking, neither of them work. You can't jump out of it either. The only method seems to be to kill them before they can hang you and try to only fight one at a time.

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