The Bloodless Prince



NG+7 14,400


20,010 Gold

20,000 Salt

NG+7 338,640 Salt

The Bloodless Prince's Ashes

Strike 600 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 1000 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

The Bloodless Prince is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

A massive, three-faced clay thing, said in secret to house the spirit of Tam In, brother of Quan In. Rumor holds that the creature was once the size of a man, but gradually built itself up from earth, choosing to bear three faces to better allow The Three to better bestow it with wisdom. Quan In is said to have both loved and hated this monstrosity, and his reliance on a thing he so reviled could have driven him mad."


  • Ziggurat of Dust: In the lower portion of the area, after using the Vertigo Brand to flip a switch.
  • Coordinates: {X:79093.98 Y:17606.04}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Type: Strike
  • Weak vs: Slash, Fire, Lightning, Holy and Arcane Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike, Poison and Stagger.

All of this boss' attacks have either knockback, knockup or knockdown.

Phase 1

  • Slam - Raises both fists and slams them down in front of him. Produces a slight shockwave in front of the area of impact. Can be dodged by rolling through him.
  • Drag - If you're still in front of him, or between his legs after the Slam attack, he will sweep his fist along the ground from between his legs to in front of him.
  • Tantrum - Repeated fist attack that hits in front of him and between him, alternating. Can be rolled through, but the player must roll twice to get behind the boss and avoid the second fist's shockwave.
  • Body Slam - If you move too far away, he will leap and bodyslam most of the arena. This attack is extremely difficult to dodge, as it has to be rolled at an exact time near his legs.
    • This attack produces shockwaves near his head and near his feet when slaming on the ground. The player must time carefully their roll, otherwise they'll get knocked up.
  • Smash - A single punch attack to the ground in front of him. Is very telegraphed, but has short windup, so the player must react quickly to dodge into him to avoid it.

Phase 2

  • Stomp - He can now follow up most of his attacks trio of stomps. This starts and alternates depending on the direction the player is in, at the time of the attack. (eg. If you are to the left of him, he will stomp left-right-left, and vice versa)
    • The player can sneak some hits in if fast enough, but must be careful to not get caught in one of the stomps.


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Craft with drops: Northern Cross
  • You can use the air dash from the dart rune while falling from the top of the shortcut up to the far shore sanctuary before beating the the boss to skip past the area prior and jump right to the boss from behind, jump from the ledge and air dash right as soon as there is not a wall to your right side and you will land on a lower platform.


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    • Anonymous

      This was the easiest boss in the game I killed him first try. All you do is get a 2-handed weapon and roll around. When he isn't attacking slash his butt. Don't use shields he drains stamina too fast.

      • Anonymous

        It's possible to drop down from the far beach sanctuary before the elevator is active, hang on to a ledge and fight this boss the very first thing after arriving to the Far Beach (as well as unlocking the elevator). I just accidentally did that, thankfully the boss was easy.

        • Anonymous

          There is a shortcut/sequence break possible. You go left from the Ziggurat Sanctuary and drop down where the first enemy is. You continue to go left and you need the Hardlight Brand to continue here. There wikll be a gap that you cannot jump over without the Dart Brand. Jumping down anyways you either land on a platform receiving some fall damage or receive no fall damage because you grab the ledge. You can continue to the left, down the stairs. At the bottom you go to the right and can drop down. The fall will not kill you. To the left is a candle and to the right is the Boss.

          • Anonymous

            I messed up a dart brand jump and fell down in his arena, normally the fall should have killed me but it didn't...

            • Anonymous

              This boss can be skipped by passing through Cran's Pass, but you'll still have to kill the Dried King to get the Dart Brand.

              • Anonymous

                Can't dodge anything but the strike in front of him, because this guy is such a fatass. Does little damage, luckily.

                • Anonymous

                  I think this boss is difficult to fight without blocking once he initiates the body slam move. The hit boxes cover almost the entire boss arena!

                  • Anonymous

                    You can come up behind him and initiate the boss battle by atatcking him if you go over Cran's Pass into the Ruined Temple and then follow the path up and to the right. You will come over some blue stairs and end right up in his giant buttcrack.

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