Skills: heavy_armor-icon.png swordfighter-icon.png
Str: 6 End: 6 Dex: 5
Will: 5 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Knight is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Knight is one of three Class that begins with a Sword ( Mage and Hunter being the other) and is one of two Classes that can use Heavy Armor from the beginning of the game ( Paladin being the other). Choosing this Class means that you will want to focus your Skill Points on Swordfighter and Heavy Armor. You will want to invest points into Fortified Strength to increase the damage of your Weapons and Augmented Endurance to increase Equipment Load, allowing you to gain mobility in your Heavy Armor.


Recommended Stats



Starting Equipment

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    • Anonymous

      If you can get the ashen effigy shield do, when you upgrade it you can get 100% slash, strike, arcane, and holy defense. And when you are hit with a melee physical attack the attacker gets hurt. Best shield the Ashen Effigy.

      • Anonymous

        Hi guys just started playing with my brother, apperently the knight can use some spells effecively due to his high stamina if you are willing to do some messing about in the skill tree, even though the heavy armour can weigh you down, staves and wands are just light enough, so you can weild a sword and shield in one set then a stave or wand in the other ( after you pick up the ring that halfs stamina loss ) ( oh and sorry for gramatical errors if you are crazy about that stuff )

        • Anonymous

          Plate set has excellent phys def to weight ratio and is not accessible in the early game. If you want very good starting heavy armor, pick knight.

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