The Tree of Men

The Tree of Men


NG+7 8,000


8,010 Gold

8,000 Salt

NG+7 309,840 Salt

The Tree of Men's Ashes

Strike 100 Fire 50
Slash 500 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 100 Holy 50
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Tree of Men is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

A corporeal manifestation of tools of torture. No inanimate object should be capable of malice, but in a world of vengeful spirits and arcane magic, anything is possible."



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Fire traps in the area, physical damage, knockback.
  • Weak vs: All Elements
  • Strong vs: Slash attacks

Phase 1

  • You must attack the Chained Men that comprise the tree to weaken it. Use the platforms left and right of the boss to get high up and reach the enemies, but be mindful of the fire-spitting traps that are set up
  • If you stay on the lower portion, the knockback from his stomps will likely push you down to your death: jump right before or roll right as the stomp happens to avoid it
  • Try to stay on the 2nd and 3rd level platforms (the first two non-destructable ones) on either side. This gives you the best access to the men that compose the tree and also helps prevent getting knocked off by the tree's feet.
  • If you die from knockback, your Salt will be in a Salt Bat who you can defeat easily when you come back.
  • The damage comes mainly from the Chained Men and the Fire Traps scattered through the platforms, while the shockwave from it's stomps can knockup the player (and if blocked, consume large amounts of stamina). If you can trivialize the fire with a shield or by having high fire resist, then the player only needs to worry about changing platforms to kill the chained men.

Phase 2

  • After all Chained Men are dead, the only weak spot left is the head. Go up the LEFT side of the platform and attack the head once or twice, then drop down to avoid the fire trap. This is easier done when he tries to slam you with it's arm.
  • The boss will also run his arm across one of the top two platforms based on where you are standing. Bait him into attacking then leap up (or down) to avoid it and the flame trap. This will also move it's head accordingly, thus it's recommended to bait this attack on the lower platforms to punish the boss.
  • Once his health reaches about 30% HP, he gains a fire-spewing attack that covers a wide range (from top to bottom) and does a fair bit of damage. Use a fire resistant shield such as the Phoenix Rondache or the Raider's Targe to nullify the fire damage.  Following this spray, its head will bow down, allowing its vulnerable spot to be hit.
    • You can alternatively switch to the other side of the platforms you're currently standing in (e.g: If you're on the platforms of the left side, drop down and go to the platforms of the right side).
    • Be mindful that this fire attack can and will reach the ground. If you're not sure you're going to make it to the other side, stay on one of the platforms and try blocking.
    • If the player does not switch platforms, he will proceed to slam them with their arm once, then do the fire attack again. This repeats itself until defeated.
  • There is a way Phase 2 can be cheesed. Stand on the top left platform at the edge facing The Tree of Men. Using a fire resistant shield, block every time the fire of jet behind you goes off, as well as when the Tree uses his fire-spewing attack during the final phase (remember blocking works even if you're facing the other way and stamina will gradually recover even while blocking). The Tree will launch melee attacks in a predictable pattern. Jump before each attack, and counter-attack once you land (be careful not to move forward or you'll fall off the platform). If the timing is such that jumping will lead to you getting hit by fire from behind, block both the Tree's melee attack and the jet of fire from behind then recover stamina waiting for the next round.


Melee Strategy Video




Player Notes

  • Use the drops to make: Mountain Breaker
  • A shield that resists fire helps a lot during this fight. Phoenix Rondache is a perfect fit for this, as the pure fire damage doesn't consume a lot of stamina.
  • If using melee, Impen's Charm from the Castle of Storm is effective for all phases.
  • Ray of Searing prayer makes phase 1 easier if the player finds the right moment to strike.
  • Boss cannot be spell parried, and it's melee attacks cannot be parried.



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    • Anonymous

      This boss is VERY frustrating, yes its pretty simple once you get it but mechanically this is the worst boss IMO. Just bad design, the other bosses are WAY more fun.

      • Anonymous

        You know, I'm disappointed. Couldn't there have been lava in place of the pit, with fire sharks swimming it? Couldn't there be more flamethrowers coming in from the top and bottom ready to char my body and soul at the same time? How about some laser cannons and upside down volcanoes?

        You wanna be even harder? Why even have the floor? Why not just start the boss battle falling down the pit?

        • Anonymous

          Tree of Men is the least souls like and also the best boss in Salt and Sanctuary. Treat the fight as a platforming challenge, stick and move, and you'll never get hit. I've one or two shot him every time once I started treating it this way. Tree of men takes advantage of the 2d platforming in sns, making it unique and good.

          • Anonymous

            Nearly every game has a boss whose arena is more dangerous than the boss itself. The Tree of Men is that boss.

            • Anonymous

              If you are a mage, literally just spam Lightning arc. Takes out the bodies in a but a few casts, then spam it some more on his head. Killed him in under 30 seconds. My magic was at 36, and i used a Rowan Crosier IV Staff.

              • Anonymous

                this thing is such a nightmare, It sure ain´t fun having to dance around the rafters practically chasing after it´s narrow weak spot
                only to accidentally fall down and get knocked right off the battlefield

                • Anonymous

                  Oh hey, Folks, I found an exploit. So climbing platforms gives you i-frames during the climb animation right? It's used so that you can climb up platforms where enemies are without dying instantly or deal with archers.

                  So yknow its phase 2 thing where it fires a huge sweeping flame across the arena?
                  YOu can i frame that by climbing through a platform. I accidentally discovered this. Made the fight a lot easier than it already was when I knew what I was doing >.>

                  • Anonymous

                    .. Do you know what? I actually thought this boss was really good. Actually kinda fun. Are the flamethrowers super RNG? He's attacks seem fairly obvious for the most part, all of his slam/punch attacks come with a noticable audio cue and dropping to a different platform avoids that hit (or jumping to a different platform)

                    The flamesweep in phase.. 3? 2? isn't that bad either. Super obvious wind up, just drop down the platforms and go to the opposite side of him. The flames cannot hit behind it, from my experience. I did this with relatively no difficulty with a melee build after realising "Oh, right. Use the platforms."

                    • Anonymous

                      You can kill this boss pretty easy if you are with the stone roots.
                      Get to the 2nd stage and just spam poison daggers at his head (you can get 25 daggers for free as a creed reward and it's plenty)

                      • Anonymous

                        Remember guys, this boss is optional/ skippable if you go through the Dome of the Forgotten, then climb over the Ziggurat and enter The Far Shore sanctuary. Going left from there takes you down some stairs and to a ledge where an elevator comes up to; if you jump off that ledge and lean your fall to the right you can catch another platform while falling, letting you climb down safely from there, which lets you activate the elevator and fight the Bloodless Prince, which gains you entry to the Ruined Temple from a direction where you do not need to go through any redshift walls, and from where onwards (iirc) there are no more redshift walls in the way

                        • Anonymous

                          A boss that has to rely upon environmental hazards to be difficult is a boss that should not be implemented

                          • Anonymous

                            Consider using the Pale Charm. It increases your reach. I was able to knock off a lot of the hanged fools in the first phase.

                            • Anonymous

                              Why are people so obsessed with the Bed of Chaos concept..... First Rotted Greatwood, now this idiot. Trees are not interesting bosses, except maybe Exdeath

                              • Anonymous

                                I take it this annoying tree boss was a reference to annoying tree bosses in Souls, especially that one that keeps killing you with pit traps.

                                • Anonymous

                                  In the fight that I defeated the tree we both had about one hit left in us, I had no potions left and it was just about to kill me with fire breath so I jumped out and hit it in the face to kill it. I finally managed to defeat it but fell to my death in the process and lost all the gold and his ashes that it dropped.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you're playing a Dex build, using a pistol in the second phase is really useful, just dont forget to quickly switch to a shield when it does the breath attack. Shock ammo works even better.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      This isn't a boss, it's a platforming challenge. It's a punishment to anyone who went with a weapon with short range. If you lose to it and your salt doesn't appear as the bat then unless you kill the boss you're not getting that salt back. The health bar is broken so even if you bring it below the threshold: it will keep that salt. Bring something with good reach or elemental damage or get ready to lose all your gold and salt.

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