The Disemboweled Husk

The Disemboweled Husk


NG+7 9,200


12,010 Gold

12,000 Salt

NG+7 319,440 Salt

Spiked Key
The Disemboweled Husk's Doll

Strike 500 Fire 0
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 200 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy -20
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Disemboweled Husk is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Shell of the former Dread Pirate Hager. He has been disemboweled, and a small doll dwells in his gaping body cavity, controlling his actions like a tiny marionette."



  • Hager's Cavern: Up and left from the middle area. Needs Cellar Key and a switch
  • Coordinates: {X:28432.98 Y:29483.33}
  • Boss Flags: Make sure to talk to Masterless Knight and Despondent Thief before this fight. / Merchant progress
  • While there is a shrine in this area, it is not close to the boss. The easiest run (from the Hager's Cavern sanctuary) seems to be going up past the two Hunting Bones then dropping down right after the solid platform past the blue disappearing platforms. You have to  take a little bit of fall damage, but that's it. One can avoid the falling damage by rolling off the very end of the ledge. Edit: You can roll off the first platform with the two Hunting Bones on them and quickly roll left to escape the enemies below. This path requires you to use a health flask, but allows you to run straight to the boss without fighting.



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical and Fire
  • Weak vs: Holy and Fire 
  • Strong vs: Strike and Poison

Phase 1

  • Shoots pistol horizontally, dealing high fire and physical damage. Sometimes he will do two of these shots in rapid succession, making them difficult to dodge.
  • Shoots pistol up, causing an AOE fire blast to rain down. Avoid by running to the other end of the stage.
  • Sword slashes. Good tracking; he will switch directions if you roll through him. However, they are not too difficult to dodge. Generally a 3 hit combo where the last hit is a jumping attack with a long cooldown; use this time to deal some damage.

Phase 2

  • Gains a sword lunge attack in addition to his other combos, The lunge tends to occur very commonly right after the AOE fire blast, as if to close the range one would make to avoid the AOE.
  • More aggressive with his pistol and will often combo shots into slashes with his sword.


Player Notes

  • Boss Set: Seawolf Cutlass
  • Use fire resistant shield for easier fight
  • Use Blessed Pages for Holy buff
  • The lunge attack he gains in the 2nd half of the fight can be easily dealt with - roll away once he starts charging up his AOE attack, then jump and attack once he lunges at you. You'll jump over the lunge hitbox and get in a free hit.
  • Sticking close to the boss is generally a good idea, as he can easily punish running away by shooting at you.



    • Anonymous

      24 Jul 2020 11:12  

      Really cool boss guys, just give someone a weapon that spans multiple damage types so you cant armor for it and does so much damage you cant tank it then make it so fast that you cant dodge it and make it have such range you cant avoid it... You gave this guy a minigun that looks like a flintlock and rains literal hellfire at his feet... Im playing a light armor character in my first playthrough and I made the mistake of thinking hey im getting tier 4 heavy armor lets get better leveled light armor stats only to NEVER get any light armor past tier 1

      • Anonymous

        15 May 2020 04:07  

        There is a fast, safe route to the Husk from the shrine, but it requires the dart brand. Jump and double dart to the right from the shrine, don't go down at all. It's a bit of a leap of faith, but you'll land on the platform where you get the light ring. From there, just jump and climb up and to the right until you get to the two doors to the boss. Only enemies on this path are 2 witches, 1 marauder, and 1 hunting bones.

        • Anonymous

          10 Oct 2019 01:34  

          My most hated boss in the game. I think the first time I played this was just where I stopped. Couldn't get past him, didn't know what to do. My slow heavy armor greatsword build just couldn't crack him. His split fire/physical shots meant I couldn't just gear for one resist, the back to back shots were too quick for heavy armor to dodge them all, if I ran when he aoe'd, he'd just shoot me at long range, if I stayed in I occasionally got one shot by lucky raining hits nailing me in succession. And possibly worst of all, getting to him was annoying! No shrine right by him, just gotta run from the sanctuary. A path with an armor mite, and a bunch of annoying ass teleporting skeletons that won't stay still long enough to kill, and if you ignore them and run past... well apparently sometimes they'll decide to teleport in and join the boss fight when you forgot about them. Finally killed him when I played the game again, melted him my second playthrough as a caster, slight trouble but killed him easy enough as a dex spear/poleaxe user... now I'm dealing with him on NG+ on my greatsword character again. It's like the first time, just beating my head against the wall. If I try to rush him, he'll kill me some time I'm trying to heal. If I try to play slow and steady, some lucky shot will kill me making me feel like I wasted time. He... I just hate him.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jul 2019 00:39  

            I play sword mage. Tried all kinds of strategies. Rolling, flame guardian, flame orbiters, wild fire...nothing worked. Finally I just switched to my staff load. I think I rolled once, but all I did was spam Fireball. I burned this boss to the ground. It was close though. I didn't stop even to heal. Fight lasted about 15-20 seconds.

            • Anonymous

              15 Mar 2018 05:06  

              shields break this game, just use the type 46 tower shield, it shields.....pretty much everything he does way too well....

              • Anonymous

                27 Feb 2018 14:37  

                i just tank the shot and kill him with page of light buff on my jaws of death.

                if you have enough health and stamina you can just thank him.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Jan 2018 04:28  

                  Another way to get to the boss fast is if you have the little shrine that's to the left of him, you can jump and dash twice to the left of that shrine and there's a platform there which is pretty close to him (there are some enemies in between, but the route is fast)

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Nov 2017 19:08  

                    Would cosplay this boss but have no actual idea of armor (Seawoelf Cutlass and Flintlock are obvious as weapons however) .

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Sep 2017 16:07  

                      Since he is rather weak to fire dmg aswell it might be a great help for Mages to use the "Flame Guardian" Spell since the summoned Creature will continously damage the Boss and help you deplete his HP rather fast.

                      • 04 Aug 2017 23:20  

                        Husk... if you see him for the 1st time well prepare for Rest in Ripperonis bcs this is boss that requires knowledge of what to do.

                        So his shots. 1st type, when he roars and shoots once requires perfect timing. After some defeating of him, u will know when to roll. 2nd Double shot, same thing, but u better have enough stam for rolling twice. 3rd (one that can rekt u the most) shoot high above the sky. U can be like ha he missed time to attack but nope, RUN AWAY bcs fire rain that is coming can kill u on few hits if you are unlucky.

                        BEST WAY TO ATTACK HIM: He has a sword or dagger or whatever, and maximaly he can do 3hit combo its hit hit and leap hit. After leap (if he will do it, bcs sometimes he is like nope, 2 swings are enough) he is harmless so give him few good hits but keeo some stamina, bcs he is goona hit u again or shoot or anything. For avoiding leap have few yard (meters for my European friends) distance and when u see that he will jump, go towards him, he wint hit u (or roll if you want to be sure).

                        Another time is, when he does his Fire Rain during his 2nd phase (below 50% hp i think). Go away as u would normaly do but be ready. bcs he is gonna charge at u. If you have pretty big distance from him, he will stop right in front of u, and free hit time has come.

                        Dont be greedy, have boosts, be amped, and u can do it I trust u.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Jun 2017 18:22  

                          fastest method from Sanctuary is to Long-Jump to the ledge where a Husk and to Angsty Dead are, then to quickroll through them run across the falling bridge and you are at the boss fight

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Apr 2017 02:52  

                            Went 2h hammer + Blessed page to beat him, wear the blacksmith set and whatever lets you stay light-light medium to be nimble with rolls.

                            Stay very close to him and roll to his other side when he shoots. The 2h hammer can stagger him so he doesn't get his mortar shots off.

                            • 10 Mar 2017 03:22  

                              Alright, so get this: If you're hugging the Husk, you can jump over the pistol shots. You have to hug him though. This is useful for when he decides to do chained shots and helps heavier characters that may not have shields. Unfortunately, as nice as this is to let you get hits in, the overhead pistol shot is still absolutely ridiculous. My recommendation is have ten tons of stamina and just try to roll as far away as you can. You can jump his charging attack sometimes as well to get a few easy hits in, but you'll still be pretty screwed because of the power of the overhead.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Feb 2017 17:05  

                                I dont get it why ppl strugle with this boss so hard. i bet him 2nd try in my blind playtrough using chitin obelisk (2 handed) and rogue armor for fast roll. Just attack when safe, roll, and boom! ez boss

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Dec 2016 11:53  

                                  Honestly. I did this really easy. He was tough cos he does allot of damage, but it was really just a matter of rolling and hitting him. The Tachi worked great. Basically never need to get hit because he's really telegraphed and slow. Hug him right in the face, roll strike his back, roll strike his back. If he shoots up, run away, if he starts his slashing, just slash once between each slice if you have a fast weapon, roll through and strike back. Rolling away isn't working though. And I dunno what 500 poison resist meant, but it meant he did not get poisoned from about 40 stone roots covenant knives. So don't bother.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    13 Dec 2016 03:47  

                                    I had problems the first few times I went up against him. Tried it the next day with a totally different tactic and smoked him.
                                    I used the Phoenix shield for blocking those upwards fire shots he does. Lighten my equip load so I can roll a bit quicker. Bought around 50 firepots . Stayed glued to him, dodging all the attacks, but blocking those raining down fireballs. When it was safe I just threw some firepots at him or drank potions as needed... I used about 15 firepots/bombs. The stamina is saved for evading and blocking. I'm not sure if throwing the firepots uses stamina, I didn't notice. You don't even have to equip a weapon. By using this strategy, I think this is the easiest boss so far for me. The fire keeps doing damage while you evade the next attack as well.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Nov 2016 05:46  

                                      Im a melee build with some prayers and im using all of my best rings and what not on NG+ AND HE IS STILL KICKING MY ASS WITH THAT STUPID PISTOL

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