Gray Pearl

Gray Pearl

A weightless gray stone of immeasurable value. An inanimate object, it still somehow exudes a powerful yearning, as if it will find peace only by robbing the memories of the living. Use Gray Pearls at an altar to remove abilities. The removal process causes the Gray Pearl to become a Black Pearl.

 Gray Pearl is a Material Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Gray Pearl Effect



Where to Find Gray Pearl

  • Map: {X:32164.03 Y:6606.49}
  • Map: {X:60072.63 Y:19983.68}
  • Map: {X:14826.13 Y:17139.54}
  • Map: {X:23529.77 Y:19268.62}
  • Map: {X:30650.13 Y:25177.65}
  • Map: {X:43910.55 Y:25771.96}
  • Map: {X:62452.76 Y:16008.13}
  • Map: {X:73816.86 Y:12757.19}
  • Map: {X:77413.52 Y:24246.46}
  • Map: {X:70430.22 Y:30895.62}
  • Map: {X:46576.26 Y:26734.28}
  • Map: {X:51507.27 Y:3990.718}
  • Map: {X:50257.89 Y:2448.482}
  • Map: {X:43549.17 Y:29897.33}
  • Map: {X:79116.53 Y:31065.77}
  • Map: {X:90392.24 Y:21013.22}
  • Map: {X:60188.58 Y:36357.63}
  • Map: {X:60695.87 Y:36361.94}
  • Map: {X:33819.43 Y:18444.72}
  • Village of Smiles: Jumping across the breaking wooden planks 1 Gray Pearl can be found in a pouch before the four Saltless.
  • The Pitchwoods: Above the Keepers of Fire and Sky sanctuary on the right is a hardlight wall that is reachable with the dart brand. Taking off all equipment to make the jump is recommended. Wall jumping the hardlight walls to the top rewards the player with a pouch containing a gray pearl. Taking the left exit leads to multiple buildings, one of them containing a pouch with a second gray pearl. Alternatively one can take the path to the left from the Far Beach sanctuary to get to this area.
  • Mal's Floating Castle: From the Sanctuary go left into the castle and kill the Crypt Keeper. The gray pearl is the drop of a Mimku located behind him. The second gray pearl is located in a pouch accessible through a hidden door on a stone step left to the ladder shortcut leading to the boss arena.
  • Salt Alkymancery: Exiting the sanctuary to the right take the upper vent. Jump up the disappearing platforms and walljump the wall to the left. Proceeding to the left, the gray pearl is found in a pouch next to a lever opening a shortcut to the Red Hall of Cages.
  • The Still Place: From the candlelit safe room proceed through the door upwards reachable with shadowflip and dart brand. Proceeding onwards you will encounter a cave with 2 Mimkus, each of them dropping 1 Gray Pearl.




  • There are few of these items compared to the level cap of 549 - choose your point allocation wisely!




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