Enduring Skull

beast blaze

Skull of a vanquished beast, its otherworldly gaze exudes a spite deeper than any man could fathom.

Enduring Skull is a Material item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Enduring Skull Effect

  • Used by a blacksmith to upgrade special weapons.
  • Used to upgrade from IV to V and from V to VI.



Where to Find Enduring Skull




  • Can be farmed at very early stages in the game , The player being able to farm for the Enduring Skull before the second boss fight ,thus being able to use the chitin obelisk at the very second boss fight




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    • Anonymous

      Drop rate is definitely lower than stated in this wiki. Farming from the ziggurat I was able to kill the arrox outside and return to the sanctuary in under 10 seconds. Easily. I found out that if you use dart(r2 on PS4) immediately after jumping you can spam this combo everytime you hit the ground to travel very quickly, thus preventing the arrox from ever escaping. Even doing this with a drop rate of 133, using kismet ring, bright coral, ring, and guide in the sancuary, it still took me easily over an hour. I ended up with 29 ears and 43 jawbones to get my 3 skulls. Definitely ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        Probably the most bs upgrade item in the entire game...at least the drowned tome is a final upgrade item (even if the rate you get them is still way too low imo) and you have one guaranteed spot every run. This one has no guarantee, and just require such a ridiculous amount of grinding without any ensured pickup spots. Come on.

        • Anonymous

          If you want to farm these, don't ****ing go to the arrox spot, i've killed it countless times and i got around 40+40 ears and jawbones and TWO skulls, the third skull was taking forever to drop so i switched spot to the hager's cavern to farm the armor mites and they dropped a skull after around 10 kills.

          • Anonymous

            Read these posts and decided to farm that Arrox right beside the sanctuary. Got TWO SKULLS in the first 5-10 minutes of farming , was going to come back here and brag that i got all 3 i needed in 15 minutes......didn't get my 3rd skull for about another 40 minutes. Still the best spot in my opinion. I'm killing 4 arrox's with one 30 second holy weapon buff. That's 480 arrox's dead in an hour. So in that hour I got 130,000 gold , 180,000 salt , 21 ears and 16 jaws + 3 skulls. I am satisfied

            • Anonymous

              Farmed 3 skulls in 10 minutes.
              Go left, buff your weapon. Double dart through the pit, kill first mite and skeletons, go left to the falling platform. Fall with platform at second mite. Go right and down near the wrathful dead, there will be two more mites to kill. Use bell or horn and repeat. It took me 30 second per run, so I guess it’s quite a good tactic.
              Don’t forget to put on your jester hat!

              • 103.4 Drop Rate + a local Guide = 21x Bound Arrox ears, 21x Hateful Jawbones and finally 3 Enduring skulls. Im having my doubts about this 10% drop chance

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