Black Pearl

Black Pearl

A weightless black stone of immeasurable value. Some believe these act as a conduit between two worlds. Use Black Pearls at an altar to gain new abilities.

 Black Pearl is a Material Item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Black Pearl Effect

  • Interact with the Tree of Skill at any creed's Sanctuary to invest points and unlock abilities, improve your potion capacity and improve stats.



Where to Find Black Pearl

  • Defeat The Unspeakable Deep (New Game only) Map: {X:5133.833 Y:4273.77}
  • The Festering Banquet: After using the Tower Key to exit towards Bandit's Pass, past the Masterless Knight, on the edge of the bridge. Map: {X:18541.86 Y:11498.82}
  • The Village of Smiles: After defeating the Queen of Smiles, down and then up a ladder next to a lever. Map: {X:5771.4 Y:18552.1}
  • Sunken Keep: Underneath the ledge where you find the Voracious Charm. (found on Version 1.01A on the PS Vita, possibly removed in later updates.)
  • The Shivering Shore: After activating the obelisk on the top left of the castle. Map: {X:13270.51 Y:7153.633}
  • The Watching Woods: After defeating the Mad Alchemist in a platform. Map: {X:19441.68 Y:18065.98}
  • Fort Beyond The Mire. Map: {X:4420.826 Y:26289.8}




  • Using a Black Pearl found during the game will not raise your level or increase your health. 




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    • Anonymous

      To people still wondering, black pearl found during the game, as they don't increase your level, can be used to increase your stats at max level. They are actually the only way to do so. As stats does not have any maximum (or if they do, it's really high because I actually have 280 strength or something), you can basically upgrade you tree skill to 100% by doing NG+ over and over again. Other thing really interesting, about every weapon (at least, all of those I have tested for the moment) has a stat that has no hard cap, only a soft one (at 50). If you plan to go max level, leveling your stat that increase your damages is worth it (while it's better to be more versatile if you don't want to level up that much) In fact, the damages output you can get from over levelling your weapon scaling + your buff scaling is.. Well, quite impressive later on. I'm using a Bonecrusher VII on my max level character with silversalt charm, and my heavy attack when charged go easily around 1K damages without buff on certain ennemies. If you plan on leveling a buff stat ( like wisdom) as well, you can go even higher. In fact, the damages you get from leveling over 50 is terribly low, but as you can level it extremly high, it ends up being interesting later on. But hey, needs patience. I'm actually (for fun, if we can call that fun) trying to see how it would be to have Max wisdom + Max strenght on my character, and then comparing the damages of the Bonecrusher VII and the Obsidian Pillar VII both buffed, to see how much I can deal with them and which is is the best (on a single hit). But with how much black pearl I need to do so, I suppose I'll see the result of such a thing in a year or two lol

      • Anonymous

        All coordinates except for the Alchemist Pearl were assigned to the wrong locations, the 7. pearl location was just there because the Unspeakable Deep had no corresponding coordinate.

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