Stained Page

A page from an unholy tome, stained in shifting darkness. Apply it to your weapon to add Arcane damage to your attacks. Crush its brittle pages in a holy place to expunge its sacred light.

Stained Page is a Consumable item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Stained Page Effect

  • Use at another Creed's Sanctuary to desecrate it.
  • It makes all NPCS in the Sanctuary hostile, and summons 2 waves of powerful NPC guardians to attack you.
  • If you die, you will obtain a Bloody Writ, which you need for Order of the Betrayer.
  • If you succeed, you can claim that Sanctuary for your Creed.
  • Apply it to your weapon to add Arcane damage to your attacks for 30 seconds.
  • The amount of damage added is based off of the weapon's physical base damage.
  • Adds Arcane AR equal to 1.0 * Base Damage.


Where to Find Stained Page




To Desecrate a Sanctuary

  • Rest at the sanctuary of a Creed other than your own.
  • Equip the Stained Page as a hot key item so it can be used by pressing R1.
  • Approach the idol in the sanctuary.
  • You will get a prompt to Desecrate Sanctuary.

 To Buff Your Weapon

  • Use the item while not standing next to a sanctuary idol.
  • The amount of damage added is based off of the weapon's physical base damage.
  • Adds Arcane AR equal to 1.0 * Base Damage.
  • Very effective on weapons with high base damage, such as the Obsidian Pillar.
  • Patch v1.0.0.6 reduced this item's coefficient from 1.0 to 0.5.
  • Patch v1.0.0.7 reverted this item's coefficient back to 1.0.



  • If you clear your sins without clearing both waves of the assault, the sanctuary will still belong to the previous creed, however no NPCs will be present.



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    • Anonymous

      Great that no one mentioned, that you will lose EVERY Sanctuary that holds the Creed you've destroyed. lost more than 50% of my checkpoints just cause i used this at the ruined temple. nice.

      • Anonymous

        So the wiki doesn't mention this but I found one in the back of a dark cave that had some type of creature guarding it. It had a greatsword and these spider-like legs. This was at the bottom of The Festering Banquet. Just looked it up, the creature is called Armor Mite.

        • Anonymous

          After you use the page and kill the NPCs, do they come back, do you get the idols back or are the idols lost forever?

          • Anonymous

            was curious but one time when using the stained page there was a player wondering in the sanctuary, I used a stained page and the player started to fight with the other NPCs.I am curious if this was a player or just a NPC looking like one of the player made characters?

            • Anonymous

              Used this at the sanctuary in Bandit's Pass, caused the shrine dweller to attack me. Killed her with little trouble, but then a couple extremely powerful mobs dropped down from the ceiling and obliterated me. I mean literally, killed in a couple hits (at level 21). Seems like it might let you convert a shrine to your preferred religion? Going to run back and see if it's possible to switch the shrine completely over.

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