Black Sands Sorcerer

Black Sands Sorcere
Health: ??

Fading Fast Trophy
Charred Tome

Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Black Sands Sorcerer is a character in Salt and Sanctuary



  1. Ziggurat of Dust: After defeating The Dried King, go up a narrow passageway and the Sorcerer will teach you the Dart Brand. You MUST talk to him until you exhaust all dialogue and you MUST answer YES to his question. If you do not, he will not appear in Step 2.
  2. The Ruined Temple: After defeating The Coveted, the Sorcerer is to the left (as you continue on) you will see two walls to Shadowflip Brand and Dart Brand up and the area will get dark (like Hager's Cavern) just before you have to turn right down the path. If the map gets light again you have gone too far. The Sorcerer will be sitting at the top past the door at the top left of the two walls. <- He's sitting next to the chest on the wooden platform. Again, you must talk to him until you exhaust all dialogue.
  3. Shivering Shore: If you have talked and exhausted dialogue with the sorcerer at 1 and 2, defeat The Coveted and The Witch of the Lake in order to find the sorcerer at the game startpoint.


Quest Information

  • You must exhaust dialogue each time you talk to the sorcerer or he won't move.
  • If you defeat The Witch of the Lake before The Coveted, he will no longer be at the Shivering Shore.




First encounter:

So you killed him... you killed the King...?

Quite a relief.
But... is this a dream?
This ziggurat we're in... well... it reminds me of that great tomb built by the Sun King of Kulka'as.
Kulka'as is where I studied. Until... the mission.

We were to sail to the west. For a marriage alliance. I think...
No... that's wrong. We were to sail east, to Liven. We were to make peace with the Citadel of Fire and Sky.
Kulka'as' sitting king had just announced an alliance with Askaria, and with it, allegiance to their new gods. The climate for sorcerer collectives would surely sour.
So we sailed... but there was a storm at sea! I was washed ashore. I don't think any of my fellow sorcerers survived.

When I found this ziggurat, I thought I'd gone mad.
But I'm no stranger to dark magic.
Imagine a demon that feeds off of the ruins of nations.... a demon that... "collects."
Such a powerful being could dwell on this island. Or perhaps this island is the demon.
And it feeds... claiming men, women, kings, countries.

I want you to explore my theory, and I have just the thing to help you do it.
I have something for you. It might burn... a bit. But aren't all good things found in flame?

If you find the Ruined Temple, you'll know my theory is true.
What about you? Do you agree?

Of course. This island is a graveyard of civilizations.

Find the Ruined Temple. We'll get to the bottom of this.

Hm... maybe I'm wrong.

Hope you figure out what it is we're doing here.


Second encounter:

We found it: the Ruined Temple.

It was built in the north as a testament to the power of man. But it became corrupted. By greed... and something more. The mountainsmith may have cast out gods, but even a godless land isn’t safe from demons. I was led to this alcove by a number of tiny markings, each one bearing an instruction in a dead Tristini tongue.

Here I found a set of garments identical to mine. Could it be that I have a shadow, leaving me messages, wearing my clothes?

Ever since you slayed the king.I’ve wanted nothing more than to explore. But now I think I understand what power is here... I’m filled with dread. I’m going to retrace my steps. Perhaps I’ll discover an answer.

Third encounter

I think... I think I understand. I tried to retrace my steps to when I wrecked on this island... Only... I can’t remember. I came from... some nation. I had a mission... to do... some thing. But all I desire is to appease the island.

I have died so many, many times. Again and again. Again and again. I keep finding myself in the same place. I find messages left to me... by me... with no recollection of leaving them. Whatever my soul was made of... it’s fading fast. This island wants me to kneel. To abandon my soul to it... I can’t... I won’t. I should've died at sea. I... I can still die at sea.

Take this gift. I won’t need it anymore. (gives Charred Tome)

Good luck, kind stranger. May you fare better than me.



Player Notes

  • NPC Set: ??
  • If you want to get the Dart Brand you absolutely MUST talk to him at his initial position BEFORE defeating The Coveted. If you defeat The Coveted before talking to him and getting the Dart Brand in the Ziggurat of Dust (which is doable by sequence-breaking the game with Superjumping), he will switch his position to The Ruined Temple and you're no longer be able to get Dart Brand.
  • If you get to The Coveted from the side with no chandelier It does not break his quest



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    • Anonymous

      On Nintendo Switch I beat Coveted first and the wizard wasn't at Ziggurat, but I went back to menu and once loaded back into the game again I had the power working as if I had accepted the brand.

      • Killing The Coveted before the Dry King can cause the Wizard to disappear forever and you will not be able to gain the ability of the Mark. Sometimes returning to the room where BlackSand is for the first time will cause the Brand skill to suddenly appear to you. Also appears randomly, I think. Sometimes you'll never get the skill, no matter what you do. Beware of breaking the game sequence, or you'll never be able to fight Four Kings. lol

        • Important!!! You MIGHT have to defeat The Coveted BEFORE speaking to him the second time. He’ll be there beforehand, but will only say the last line of dialogue from the first encounter. The way you can tell if he his correctly primed is which way he is facing. If he is facing away from the chest, he is not ready. If he is facing towards the chest, he will say more about the island.

          • Anonymous

            I can confirm that you can approach and defeat the coveted from the side with no chandelier (left) and it does NOT break the quest.

            • Anonymous

              He may actually be "Planne the Seeker" taking credit from the Shikeimaru 's description -(he even wields it evrytime) .

              • Anonymous

                '' Take this gift. I won’t need it anymore.

                Good luck,kind stranger. May you fare better than me. ''

                So what does he give?

                • Anonymous

                  I think if you beat the boss in pitchwoods before coveted it causes them to not appear in ruined temple...threes the magic number right -_-

                  • Anonymous

                    advanced both their dialogues and made sure to beat bosses in order, neither the masterless knight or sorcerer showed up in the temple.

                    • Anonymous

                      Was i suppose to talk to him after i defeated the bloodless prince cause i talked to him after i beat the dried king

                      • Anonymous

                        Killed dried king and he's not where you find him.... Broken I guess I either start over or superjump through the rest.

                        • Anonymous

                          I tried to go to #2 after beating the Witch and he's not there, missed it after the previous fight. I guess that screws up the questline.

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