Luna Sage

Luna Sage
Health: ??
Rewards: Stella Set
Strike ?? Fire ??
Slash ?? Lightning ??
Poise ?? Poison ??
Block ?? Holy ??
Block Damage ?? Arcane ??
Block Magic ??    

Luna Sage is a NPC in Salt and Sanctuary.




Quest Information

  • Grants you the Hardlight Brand.
  • Point of no Return
  • After you receive a Brand talk with him again otherwise he won't show up in the second encounter


First encounter:

This air... it's so still.
I was drawn to this dome for reasons I don't understand.
It's so lonely here, I long for a friend, but I think I've driven everyone I've loved away.
Tell me... have you heard of Hardlight?

You have?
Then you know that without being able to set foot upon it, you'll never reach your goal?
You know, I can help you with that.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?

No...? You're sure...?
Admit it: you need me. Don't you?

Yes, as I thought.
Well, it's as simple as that.
Accept this brand.

You come here to think too, don't you?
I enjoy solitude, of course, but you're always welcome to join me.
I like to think about how meaningful my actions are.

Making real change... that's what I bring to this world.

Second encounter:

You've used the gift I gave you to explore, conquer, and vanquish.
I'm pleased yo have been able to make an impact on your journey.
Moonlight has always been my friend.
Now I call you friend as well.

May moonlight shroud you in this life.



Player Notes

  • NPC Set: ??
  • Didn't show up at his 2nd location after beating The Bloodless Prince and The Coveted


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    • Anonymous

      I found out the reason why I wasnt getting him to spawn. There are still dialogue that you need to go through after getting the brand.

      • Anonymous

        I usually don't kill Cran before the Dried Prince, and have always had him show up the second time ... except for this time today for no discernible reason. It's probably a bug.

        • Anonymous

          they are so convoluted and if you do this one thing out of order NPCs just don't appear anymore despite the game map being designed in a way that there are a lot of ways of finishing.

          • Anonymous

            Been thinking about it and I may have found the solution. I've noticed that the times Luna didn't appear for the 2nd time to me were those where I ignored Cran's Pass before killing The Dried King at the Ziggurat. But, all the times I went to Cran's Pass directly after exiting the Dome I met Luna outside the Ziggurat.If you think about what Luna says when he brands you, it makes sense. He asks you to use the brand to explore, so, which area was unavailable before it? Cran's Pass. That said, the order of places would be -> The Far Beach (talking to the Despondent Thief for the last time) -> teleport to the Red Hall of Cages -> enter The Dome of the Forgotten -> go to Cran's Pass to kill Artor... err, Ronin Cran -> teleport back to The Far Beach -> enter the Ziggurat of Dust and kill The Dried King. To be sure to not mess with the flow of events, I specifically tried to avoid interacting with any new areas out of order (and didn't set foot inside the Ziggurat before killing Cran). It may be nothing, but this worked like a charm for me.

            • Anonymous

              Yea so after I killed the Dried King, I got the last brand, but Luna did not appear after, outside the temple. WTF

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