Village of Smiles is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. Populated by drowned denizens and vicious traps, it is accessed after traversing Bandit's Pass, and connects to The Watching Woods.


village of smiles walkthrough

General Information

  1. Previous: Bandit's Pass
  2. Next: The Watching Woods
  3. Recommended Levels: 7 to 10
  4. Bosses: The Queen of Smiles
  5. Sanctuaries: The Three


NPCs in the area






Upgrade Materials

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  • From the Sanctuary exit on the left side and head up and eastwards. Keep heading right, you'll bypass a total of 3 Crossbow traps. Then jump over the breaking platforms until you reach solid ground on the other right side. Here there will spawn two couples of Saltless enemies. These yield a lot of salt for being this early in the game, making it an exceptional grinding spot. Backtrack to the sanctuary and repeat.

Full  Village of Smiles Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown here. You can add links, images. and other details.

Village of Smiles is the third area that players shall encounter, right after making their way through The Festering Banquet. This area will test your reflexes and attentivity with the number of traps laid out to get you. The first of which is right at the entrance, a thin white rope on the ground which when stepped on, drops a huge spiked-log onto the player, knocking them back a fair amount of distance and often killing them if not at full health or high enough level. You will want to watch out for many such similar traps that can catch you off guard, especially when most of them are placed with some enemies around to distract you.

Continue past the trap, to fight the ferocious Feral Beast and the heavy-hitting Bronze Knight amonst them. Head down the stairs to find a wooden structure surrounded by Rotten Walker, Drowned Berzerker and a Drowned Archer. On top of the structure you will find a Pouch of Salt and 3x Lock of Hair. Head down the ladder, and watch out for the thin white trip wire to the left of the ladder, which activates a crossbow to the right of the ladder that then hits you. Just jump over it (or destroy the crossbow to deactivate the trap), and continue heading left till you find a creature hanging on a cross, the Scarecrow. Choose your dialog as you wish with him, and then continue heading left, down the ledges at the edge of the cliff and then enter the room towards the right to find a Sanctuary of The Three.

If you are a member of The Three, this sanctuary will work like any other sanctuary for you. However, if you belong to any other creed, you will be able to "Take Oath" at this sanctuary, thereby abandoning your previous Creed, and becoming a member of The ThreeNOTE: Doing this will earn you a Sin, which then prevents you from joining another creed until it is cleared.

At the Sanctuary, you will find a Stone Blacksmith (The Three) who sells various Armor, Weapons and Shields. He also allows you to upgrade your equipment. After you are done levelling and upgrading, you need to head back out to the left, up the ledges you came down earlier and back towards where you met Scarecrow. This time go up from there, fight the Blade Wraith and head left. Watch out for the spiked-log trap shown by the white rope. Head into the cave, and go past (run through or kill) the Skullbat, Rotten Walker and Drowned Berzerker by the fireplace with another trap close to the right of it. Jump down the ledge one floor and head left. (If you reached the floor with the Bronze Knight, you went down too far. If you exit right of him you can get the Wrapped Link, which is located behind a secret entrance to the left of the ladder you climb down, and you can grab a Stone Cleric further down two platforms to the right. If you grabbed these, head back up the ladder, then back inside the building, jumping back onto the platform where the Bronze Knight would be.) Continue heading down the stairs and watch out for another crossbow-trap by the fireplace, grabbing a Stone Guide and 3x Blessed Page along the way. When you head down further, you will reach the next boss, The Queen of Smiles.

The Queen of Smiles likes to move fast, and dash across the map, plunging her bladed-arms right in front of her when she stops. Heavily armored classes such as Knight and Paladin will be able to tank her hits better with their armor, and they can block most of her attacks using their shields. Other classes may just have to roll through her while she is moving. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Queen of Smiles page.

After fighting the boss, head to the right, down the two ladders leading to a chest with an Iron Pot, Chef's Trousers, Chef's Apron and Chef's Toque. If you want a Bloodlower Charm, you can go halfway down the stairs and turn left immediately, to unlock a door that leads to a few hanging cliffs, with the charm sitting on the most bottom left one. Going any further below that point will kill you. After collecting the charm, just climb your way back up all the way to the chest. The area below the stairs leads to an Eminent Obelisk, which can't be accessed yet until you obtain the Vertigo Brand given by the Mad Jester... so for now, ignore this part.

After the chest, head right on the same floor (don't go down the stairs), and climb up the ladder to unlock a gate with the lever (and next to it is a Black Pearl). This will lead you outside to a ladder that goes straight up to the Sanctuary you discovered earlier. You can go up to the Sanctuary if you wish and then return here to continue heading right. Watch out for another trap that flings a spiked bat to you. Continue right and then just before the entrance to the next cave, climb up the ledges and then jump to the left into a hidden entrance underneath the stairs above. You will find a Kureimoa in this room. Collect it, and head back down and into the cave ahead.

Fight Drowned Berzerker, and continue heading right, out the other side to reach The Watching Woods.

Village of Smiles Video Walkthrough



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    • If you go through the door where the bronze knight is right before the Queen of Smiles and then go down the ladder there is a secret door that looks like a wall. Go up to the wall under the ladder and press the interact button and it will open. Inside is the Wrapped Link, a ring that increases rolling speed

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