Red Hall of Cages is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This dungeon-like area is accessed from the Castle of Storms and goes deep into the Island towards Hager's Cavern and Cran's Pass.


red hall of cages walkthrough

Full  Red Hall of Cages Walkthrough

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Red Hall of Cages is the eigth area you will encounter, after going through the Castle of Storms. Located underneath the Castle, the Red Hall appears to be a prison, with those punished becoming absolute monstrosities. The grim hellish nature of this place just speaks death, and is bound to give you a fair deal of it too.

Upon entering the Red Hall, head up the stairs to the left, then climb up to the top-most ledge to obtain 3xbuff litShockstone and a salt3Bag of Salt. These items will be guarded by a few Caged Men and  Vile Guards. Head down the stairs and collect 10xbolt poisonPoison Bolt from the ledge opposite the ladder and continue heading downwards. Head right and get on the ledges aboves the Gaoler, with a Vile Guard standing on it. Here you will be able to use your Vertigo Brand to walk on the ceiling through that exit to your right, past the Caged Men on the platforms and into the entrance on the top. Here you will have to jump through the gap, passing through the Obelisk to reach the Mad Jester.  Above him you will find a Crystal Sphere.

Then jump through the gap and walk back the way you came, but this time on the floor instead of the ceiling. You will find a set of patched armorPatched Rags, patched helmPatched Hood, patched glovesPatched Gloves and patched bootsPatched Skirt in the chest. Continue heading left, back in the Red Hall. Pick up the Lightning Storm incantation. Now jump down the ledge and head to your right to find an unclaimed Sanctuary. Claim this sanctuary for a Creed of your choice by placing the appropriate idol. 

From the Sanctuary, head out to the right and you'll find the Masterless Knight standing next to a shield ironTeuthis Shield. Speak to him and then head back to the Sanctuary, leaving to the left side and head down the stairs. Keep going left, past the various Torturers, Caged Men and Vile Guards, until you run into a Clay Phantom. Here you'll find a shield towerType 46 Tower Shield on a ledge above you.

From here, you'll want to head down the ledges all the way to the bottom floor. Watch out for the flamethrowers along the way though. At the bottom, head left to unlock a gate using the lever, and then head back to the right, down the stairs to a door on the right edge. Note this point as you will be returning here in a bit. Go right and use your Shadowflip Brand to jump up to the ledge and continue heading right, past the Hanged Men. Be careful with the Hanged Men as they can overwhelm and stunlock you in their great numbers if you do not kill or run past them fast enough. At the right-most side, you'll see an exit that you should walk through VERY SLOWLY as it leads to your fall on the other side. Just jump over to the middle ledge, and continue across to the other side.

In this room you'll find a sword katanaTachi, and a couple of Split Swordsman to fight. Continue heading right and climb up the long ladder to unlock a shortcut to the Masterless Knight and your Sanctuary. After that, head back down the ladder, and go all the way back to the left, past the room with the Hanged Men, back to the point we asked you to note before. This time, climb down the ladder and reach the bottom floor. 

Go all the way to the left by a wall underneath where the Gaoler was to unlock an illusory wall that leads to a charm poisonVile Charm (video location). Now head back to the right, past the crushers and make your way across the ledges, heading downwards and to the right till you reach a solid floor with a Gaoler. From here head left past the enemies to a locked door. Open this door and on the other side you will find ledges that you can climb up. Use your Shadowflip Brand to reach the top where you will find 3x Soldier's Poem. Now head back down, through the door and go right and keep going right whilst staying on this level, jumping across ledges till you reach a lever. This lever unlocks a shortcut to the ladder which leads to the Masterless Knight and the Sanctuary

After using that lever, head downwards till you reach the next floor. From here, head right till you find 3 Crushers that you need to make your way through. Head down that ladder, and then head left, jumping across the ledges on the spinning wheel to a chest guarded by a Clay Phantom. In this chest you can find knight helmSteel Armet, knight armorSteel Curiass, knight glovesSteel Manifers and knight bootsSteel Greaves. From here, jump down and head right, going down the stairs towards another Clay Phantom, standing atop a ledge. Head down from that ledge and keep going right till you reach the wall. From the wall start going left, still going down the slope, till you reach the other wall and a ledge with 3xred sparkCharred Doll on it.

Now keep making your way lower to the right till you come across another Gaoler, standing in front of a ladder going down. Take the ladder down and head left to fight a Red Lord, protected by a Heartseeker. You need to kill the Heartseeker first in order to do damage to the Red Lord. After killing them, head slightly to the left and before the edge of this floor leading to another spinning-wheel, you will see a group of walls that lead up to an opening (Video Location). Here is where you can find the Despondent Thief. Use the Obelisk to make your way to the top of the room to find her.

After speaking with her, head back down, but instead of going all the way down, stop just a level above the floor and head left, down the slope till you come across another Obelisk. Use it, along with your ability to jump from wall-to-wall to descend down the path (video). Then you can grab a Gray Pearl  at the bottom and loop around to collect a ring spiritRelentless Ring, or just head out to the right using the exit.

When you head out to the right, climb up the long ladder that leads you to a small platform with a Caged Man, with a pouch containing a salt3Bag of Salt  and a statue merchantStone Merchant. Then you need to head to your right, whilst jumping across the spinning-wheel platforms. On the third wheel heading right, jump from it while towards the bottom of the wheel, to a small platform with a couple of msg bottleJurney Bottle placed on it. Just continue to walk into the wall there to open a secret passage that leads you to the Cran's Pass and a close by Sanctuary. This sanctuary is owned by the House of Splendor creed. (video)

After that, head back out to your left, back in to the Red Hall, and make your way back to across the spinning wheels, to the bottom of the ladder you used to get to that platform. From here continue heading left and pull the lever to activate an elevator that takes you all the way to the top. However for now, just head back to the right, and down the long stairs. Then continue down the ladder that is below the stairs, and keep heading to your right till you find a Shrine. You can rest here and have it saved as your checkpoint before the next boss fight.

Now head back to your left, and down the first soft ledge/bridge you see. Continue making your way to the left until you are at the edge of the floor and have a few ledges above you. Climb onto the ledge to face The Tree of Men. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Tree of Men page. After defeating the boss, head back to the bottom and make your way to the left, into Hager's Cavern.


Red Hall of Cages Video Walkthrough





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      Did the person writing this guide up write jt on toilet paper with crayon before putting it to the website? Then proceeded to type it with their face? Why are written guides so terrible, do they hire the same person to type all of them???!!!

      • Anonymous

        To get to Cran's pass you don't need the hardlight brand, I got there one of my characters without it.
        To get there with out it go left from the hardlight without going on it until you reach the ladder.
        Then climb up the ladder and kill the Caged man and jump on the spiny wheel platform thing.
        Continue jumping on the spiny platforms until you get to the last one.
        Wait for it to go to the bottom right corner and jump right.
        Go to the wall and press what ever button you normally use for opening doors.
        Congratulations, you've now made it to Cran's pass WITHOUT THE HARDLIGHT BRAND.
        I don't have an account so if someone with one changes it remember it was Jiffle who let you know

        • Anonymous

          You kinda forgot to mention the stone mage you can get jumping off the elevator shortcut to the first left opening from the bottom

          • Anonymous

            Basicly down where you find the people that are obsessed with gold (gold mask ect) forgot what hey were called..Anyway go outside, take the spinning wheel up and go back to the room with the gravity puzzle, this only requires the wall jumping ability (that you should have if your doing the walktrough).. anyway, ones you activate it, you can actualy get back trough the door you just entered to get into the puzzle.. i relize later on you get the midair jump ability that would also make this easyer.. anyway by escapeing the room trough the way you came (useing wall jumping + a fast attacking sword to get back to the door (unless your doing it later with the air jumping ability)... the game is clearly not intended for you to go trough this exit as you can walk around the and even escape the caged place :)Maybe speedrunners can find a way to use this room, but there seems to be lots of gliching when beeing upside down and useing the ladder right to the gravity room.. climb down trough floor, then you can explore a bit outside before falling off the map :P

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