Siam Lake is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. Defended only by the Witch of the Lake, this area connects The Ruined Temple to Salt Alkymancery, and hides the entrance to The Blackest Vault.


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Full  Siam Lake Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below You can add links, images and other details.  If you are not a reader, you can even watch the Video Walkthrough below.

Siam Lake is the eighteenth area you will encounter, after making your way through The Ruined Temple. Upon entering, you will find the Old Man who will inform you more about the lore of this game. Below him is the area Sanctuary. Just climb down the ladder and enter the cavern to the right. Claim it for the Creed of your choice by placing their idol at the altar.

To the right of the sanctuary is the way to The Blackest Vault (Optional Area) & the Order of the Betrayer Creed. See the steps & video walkthrough below for guidance on how to reach them. For now though, just leave the sanctuary to the left, and climb down the ladder to reach the boss.

The Witch of the Lake is if not the most, one of the most heavy-hitting bosses in game. High arcane defense and a shield is recommended for this fight. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Witch of the Lake page. After defeating the boss, head back to the sanctuary. If you have been following this walkthrough properly, and have met the Black Sands Sorcerer in all other locations;  travel to the Shivering Shore sanctuary. Head left to the beach, back where you started the game to speak with the Black Sands Sorcerer one last time and obtain the Fading Fast Trophy.

There is nothing more to do at Siam Lake after this. Up next is the Salt Alkymancery, just to the left of where you defeated The Witch.

Siam Lake Video Walkthrough





Finding The Blackest Vault & the Order of the Betrayer Creed

How to find The Blackest Vault and the Order of the Betrayer Creed.

  1. In order to find this creed, you will first need to have used a Stained Page on a sanctuary that is not of your creed, and died to the aggroed NPCs. When you die this way, you will obtain a Bloody Writ.
  2. Once you have the writ, head to Siam Lake and go right from the sanctuary. You will need a torch!
  3. Find a gap in the ground with water dripping down, then follow the water to fall down onto platforms below.
  4. Be careful that the last drop is for a collapsing platform, so perform a dart jump at the end.

A video of how to do it below:






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    • Anonymous

      Seconding that comment about ash lake, except it doesnt just feel similar, it feels pretty much like a carbon copy in design. Was really confused seeing this.

      • Anonymous

        Ok when you go right outta the Siam lake sanctuary towards the blackest vault/ order of the betrayer, soon as you come outta the sanctuary there’s like a door with a lever and a item glowing, but you can’t open the door or get to the lever or item, does anyone know what’s up with this, how do you get to the lever and item under the walkway going towards the blackest vault drop off ?

        • Anonymous

          I am starting to realize my problem with this game. It's really easy to get over-levelled. The guide says the recommended level is 60-70. I just made here at level 100. Beat both Carsejaw and the Witch in ten minutes. The trip from one boss to the other was longer than the fights.

          • Anonymous

            This boss ruined the game for me.. (the witch) It's not fun, or properly challenging. It's cheap and bs. 50% of my matches she flew off screen..I spent my 80k in gold on her..and I usually get to 25% every time but then she cast 2 spells in a row that is 100% unavoidable. Cheapest boss I have ever seen.

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