Salt Alkymancery is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This mysterious destination has a complex system of chutes that teleport the player around the area, and connects Siam Lake to Crypt of Dead Gods.


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Full  Salt Alkymancery Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details. Not a reader? You can watch the Video Walkthrough instead, just below the text.

Salt Alkymancery is one of the last few areas of Salt & Sanctuary and also one of the most puzzling. Much of going about this map will happen by travelling through Salt-Chutes that work like the pipes in Mario Bros for example. 

Upon entering the Alkymancery, head left down the stairs, past the Bola Eye. Jump over the big gap by using a Dart Brand-jump and keep heading left along the same floor. Just to the left of the 2 Saltless, will be a Chute that takes you up towards the area's Sanctuary. Claim it for the Creed of your choice by placing their idol at the altar.

Then head to the right of the sanctuary and you will see 2 Chutes - one going right, and another going up. Take the one that goes up and head right. Kill the Saltless and the nearby Mimku, which will drop a Frozen Locket. Then go back and go up to the ledge above you. Continue left and Shadowflip Brand-jump higher between the wall and the chute. Head to the right-most end of the floor to find an Alkymancery Knight, guarding an axe blueAster Monolith on the tiny ledge above.  (Video)

Then head back left, towards the stairs, but start making your way upwards on the flashing ledges. Keep going all the way to the top, where there will be a chute going left (dont take it). Instead, continue the Shadowflip Brand-jump to go to the very top platform and go right, opposite to the Chute entrance, the one that has an an item on it (3x white blazeA Lord's Orders). To the left will be a lever which unlocks a shortcut to the Red Hall of Cages  and a Gray Pearl . To the right will be more flashing ledges, that you need to head along towards the right. This will lead you to another small ledge with 3x blue sparkFrozen Doll on it. (Video)

The wall to the right is an illusion and leads you to a bridge. At the end of the bridge you can see a few cloud walls above you, next to the Static Geist incantation. Materialize it with your torch and climb the way up to the top left. Go through the opening to find a room with a ladder and a chest in it. The chest is actually a Mimku, which drops the Aristocrat's armour set: armor reddress Aristocrat´s Corsetboots reddress Aristocrat´s Crinolette and reddress helm Aristocrat´s Veil, along with white novaA King's Orders. At the top of the ladder is a lever which opens up a shortcut into Cran's Pass.

Go back outside and keep going down and into the room from before with the flashing ledges, then head right till you reach the wall. Descend a level and head left, down the stairs to find a ladder that you can kick down. To the left of it will be a Saltless and a statue guideStone Guide to pickup behind it. The ladder you kickdown leads back to where you picked up the Aster Monolith. Then head back up to the platform above and walk left all the way till you reach that chute in the wall again (the one that is below the shortcut to the Red Hall of Cages). This is a long one that will bring you all the way to the bottom of the map almost. 

To the left of where you land, will be a few Saltless, and a dark room with a amber blazeDiamond Cluster in it. Just next to it will be a Crypt Keeper. Continue past him to find a cloud-wall that you can materialise with your torch. Then wall-jump over to the top-right to pickup a ring slashDancing Ring. Jump back down and head out of this dark room. To the right will be more flashing ledges. There will be one going up to a lever that unlocks the Chute right next to it. Head back down and then take the flashing ledges heading down along the Chute. (Video)

Once you are down, head right, past the Bola Eye, and then up the long set of stairs. At the top of the stairs, head right and drop down the gap with the flashing ledges. At the bottom you will find a giant fish-like beast known as the Saltfin Creature. It likes to roll and slash so be wary of that. To the right will be 3x blue blazeFrozen Reliquary. To the left, by the other side wall, will be 3x blue flameFrozen Locket. Wall-jump over it and continue to the room to its left. There will be an Alkymancery Knight here, accompanied by a couple of Saltless. At the end of the room will be a chest, which is in fact a Mimku. Kill it to obtain the tainted armor set - saltknight helmTainted Armet, saltknight glovesTainted Gauntlets, saltknight armorTainted Cuirass and saltknight bootsTainted Greaves.

Then head back to the right, all the way back to where you fought the Saltfin Creature. Climb back up the flashing ledges and head left at the top. Stop just before the long stairs going down. Climb the platform above it (you have to position yourself just right to be able to jump up to the ledge), head up the stairs, and then wall-jump over to the stairs above that. Here you will find a chute going downwards. Before taking it, jump past it to the left and defeat the Mimku. This will get you a statue alchemistStone Alchemist and a shield bluePruina Scutum shield (Video). Then take that chute to return to the entrance of the Alkymancery.

The chute to the left of the one you just came out of (on the other end of the gap), will lead you to the boss. So it is advised you go visit the Sanctuary (which is further left from here) now, restock, then exit on the right and take the right chute to return to take the chute after. Then take the chute, and head right, up the long stairs again, and this time, stop before the stairs going down the other side. Just above it will be 2 walls, that you can wall-jump between to make your way up to another Chute. 

To the left of where you land, will be the area bosses - The Architect & The Unskinned. To the right however, will be a cave that has a few items and a shortcut to Siam Lake (the part where you go to find The Blackest Vault). We will go collect those items and unlock the shortcut first before moving back to the bosses.

Firstly, heading into the cave you will see an Alkymancery Knight. Past him will be a chest with a shield saltknightTainted Greatshield and a pole ranseurTainted Ranseur. Next to it will be another deadly Saltfin Creature. Further into the cave, will be a hidden room with a chest in it. To get to this hidden room, keep an eye on the cave's ceiling. While most of it is black, there will be a part where there is a Grey stone wall hanging down, just above your character's head level. You will be able to see just the tip of this wall. You need to wall jump upwards from that wall to access the room with a blue novaFrozen Tome in it. (Video)

Come back down into the cave and continue right. It will lead to a more open area, that is also pitch-black dark. The only source of light will be a Cave Keeper. Keep right and climb all the way up the hill to find 3x drowning sparkDrowned Idol and a ring cheap wisRing of Meditation. There will also be a lever that unlocks the locked door next to it, leading to The Blackest Vault. Now just head back down the cave the way you came and further left to fight the bosses.

The Architect & The Unskinned are tough bosses that both have opposite resistances. For tips & strategies on how to defeat these bosses, see The Architect & The Unskinned pages respectively. After defeating them, head left and go up the flashing ledges along the wall. Head up the stairs, and through the exit to reach the Crypt of Dead Gods.

Salt Alkymancery Video Walkthrough






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    • Anonymous

      This is bar none the worst area in the game. Incredibly tedious. Very confusing. Enemies who hit extremely hard and who seem to be impossible to not get hit by if you only dodge and don't use a shield like I do. Absolutely awful.

      • Anonymous

        Warning: Climbing the hardlight platforms past the secret door is next to impossible. Do not attempt for any reason. It's not worth it.

        • Anonymous

          WARNING! there is only 1 king's order with the aristocrat set ( for those of you who have planned your king's order consumptions and now have to go back to the mal's farming spot because of a typo' )

          • Anonymous

            Go too the bottom of the area, where going left leads to the boss and going right leads to a knight and a Saltfin. If you head right and watch for a strange rock formation on the ceiling in between 2 of the blue lights you can jump up and climb on top of the rock formation then walk-jump the rest of the way to a chest containing a Frozen tomb. :)

            • Anonymous

              There is a secret door past the blinking platforms where you can pick up the x3 frozen dolls. The wall behind the frozen dolls pickup can be opened. For whatever the Hardlight platforms the secret door lead to were a complete pain in the ass for me lol.The hardlight platforms lead to a Mimku chest with a Kings order and Aristocrat's set. Up the ladder is a lever that opens a shortcut to the Cran's Pass sanctuary near Ronin boss fight area.

              • They really over did these flashing platforms and cloud platforms. 99% of all my deaths in game have been because of these mechanics. So incredibly frustrating cause some are just out of your control like trying to jump to a cloud platform while holding the torch and just gliding right through it for no reason other than these brand mechanics were apparently not beta tested very long to see if they are working as intended. Be glad when the game is over. Was considering NG+ but can't stomach dealing with all these flashing platforms and clouds again. Real Immersion killers.

                • Anonymous

                  Great monster design with the fat sonic like opponent which spins.... killed me 5 times until I gave up and tried the boss, first try. Bad monster design.

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