The Ruined Temple is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This area features some challenging enemies and connects the Ziggurat of Dust to Pitchwoods and Siam Lake beyond.


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A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images. and other details.  The text version will be available shortly, till then feel free to watch the Video Walkthrough below.

The Ruined Temple is the sixteenth area you will encounter after having made your way through the Ziggurat of Dust. This area's Sanctuary is at the very bottom-right corner, just next to the boss fight. It is going to be a long trek, therefore it is advised to rest up at the Shrine just to right of the entrance and set a spawn point.

From the entrance, head left and keep going until you run into Thing of Arms  from there use Shadowflip and Dart Brand keep going until you run into a Mimku. You will recieve Stone Guide armor. Go up the ladder and you will open a shortcut that leads to the entrance of The Dome of the Forgotten. Now back track all the way back to entrance and head down the stairs, and keep going down the stairs below it, and the one below that, fighting the Bedspider and Thing of Arms along the way. You will also find a Stone Cleric laying on the floor on the way. At the edge of the last stairs will be a ledge to the left with 3x A Soldier's Poem  on it. Right below it will be another hanging ledge with a lever on it. Activate it and then climb back up, heading left and up the stairs. A few Split Swordsman will spawn along the way. (Video)

At the left most edge, will be a shortcut going below Hager's Cavern. The path will be infested by Hanged Man. Keep left until you run into a wall, then Shadowflip-jump up between the walls to the floor above and climb onto the bridge. Head left and activate the lever to unlock a direct shortcut to Red Hall of Cages. Also pickup the Shroud Ring and then head back right to the bridge. Dart-jump to the ledge on its right to find an Amber Idol surrounded by three Drowned Porcelain. Dart-jump further to the right to obtain 3x A Soldier's Poem. Then head back left towards the bridge, climb down and make your way back towards The Ruined Temple. (Video)

Once back at the temple, head up the small ledge, keep right and climb the stairs. At the top you will see a few cloud-ledges. Light your torch and get hopping! This will bring you to a small suspended ledge where you can pick up Lightning Pod. Jump down to the left and then go down the ledge with a lever on it. The gate below it to the right should now be unlocked (The one to the left is a shortcut that will be unlocked further below). Head right, past the Thing of Arms, and climb up into the Cavern. At the top of the steps will be a Bloodflower Ring. Then head into that exit and keep going right, down the stairs till you reach the edge with a Mother Merle standing there.

Jump down and head left, dart-jump over to the small platform and climb down into the dark area. There will be more Mother Merle there. Keep heading left and go through the exit. On the other side, you will see stairs going up, and the breaking wooden platforms heading down. We will return to this spot, after collecting a few more items and unlocking another shortcut. So first go up the stairs and wall-jump over to the floor above. On the thin wall will be a Diamond Cluster. To the right will be a Bedspider and a lever that unlocks the a shortcut above it. This leads to the place where you just entered the cavern with the Bloodflower Ring from. Head back to the left and climb down the thin wall towards the stairs. From here, make sure to heal up and just jump down to the left, into the gap between the top of the stairs and the thin wall. You will find A Lord's Orders on the edge there.

Head left along this floor, past the Split Swordsman till you see a set of long broken stairs head up towards the right. Climb up those stairs and pickup the Stone Guide at the top. Then wall-jump from the thin wall again to the platform above, heading left. Kill the Bedspider and wall-jump to the stairs above. WATCH OUT for the trap at the edge of the stairs that sends a boulder tumbling down towards you! If you continue to wall-jump all the way to the very top of the wall, you will find a small wooden ledge in the darkness above, holding a Gray Pearl and a Breach Pike. Collect them and jump back down to your right towards the stairs. Head up and to the right to use the lever to unlock a shortcut that leads to/from the entrance. Above the lever will be a chest containing A King's Orders.

Then head back down towards the thin wall, and further down to the edge where you picked up A Lord's Orders. Dart-jump over to the right, onto the breaking wooden platform that we said we would return to. Head down and take the ladder to the right over to another ledge. And repeat the same with the ladder below it.

At the bottom, you will see a platform with a few steps heading out to the left. To the right will be another platform with an opening in the wall, and a ladder on it going lower. The ladder leads to the boss. The opening in the wall is the unclaimed area Sanctuary. Claim it for the Creeds of your choice by placing their idol at the altar. To the right of the Sanctuary will be the edge of the Pitchwoods. *NOTE*: this is NOT the way to reach it. The cliff just ends here where you can pick up Sprites, and to its right is just a long fall to your death. Head back into the sanctuary.

Then head back out to the left, down that ladder to fight the next boss, called The Coveted. For tips & strategies on how to defeat this boss, see The Coveted page. After defeating the boss, head left into the dark cavern and then wall-jump up the left-side wall to reach the hidden NPC - Black Sands Sorcerer. (Video)

In a chest next to the Black Sands Sorcerer is a Flamestar, Sorcerer's Lungi and Sorcerer's Kurta. Speak to him and then drop back down into the cavern. At the bottom floor, head right, climb down the stepped floors and run/jump past the long breaking-wooden bridge. Head down the stairs to the bottom of this room and to your left you will see the Masterless Knight. If you wall-climb to the dark floor above him to the left, you will find 3x Charred Reliquary.

Speak to the Knight and exhaust all dialogue with him. To his left will be Siam Lake where you need to head next. To his right will be the Pitchwoods (Optional area).

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    • Anonymous

      This was another area where the lack of a map really started to seem like pure hubris on the game designers part

      • Anonymous

        Just to let everyone know: The map misses out the King's Orders you get in a chest behind a gate. You get to the otherside of that gate, where the chest is, by going through Cran's Pass, killing Ronin Cran, and heading forward.

        • Anonymous

          If you want the sanctuary first it's just past the two mother mearle down the breakable platforms and down two ladders to the right. To get back on track with the walkthrough just go back to the ledge after the two mother mearle. This area was a real challenge for me and having known how many times I passed the sanctuary would have saved me a lot of salt.

          • Anonymous

            Every time i tried to enter the temple, either for Crans pass or The Far Beach, the game crashes. Any idea of how to fix it?

            • This jump has been my bane. I have died more time trying to make that jump than I have all the bosses combined. I don't know why but when I try to jump up and hit dart I keep flying through the stairs falling to my death. Tried jumping from the wall but dart just won't work so kinda at a loss about how to get up to those dang stairs.

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