The Stone Roots


A mossy stone acorn, warm with the spirits of Wood. It's said that the moss needs no light to grow, as it basks in the warmth of forest spirits.

The Stone Roots is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. Poison is the name of the game for this creed, so it offers many poison-themed items that can augment your weapon damage or poison enemies. It also specializes in dexterity builds that focus on using daggers and bows, as the blacksmith will offer more of them the higher devotion you have. The healing items have a slow but steady effect, allowing them to be taken in anticipation of taking damage rather than immediately afterwards.



The Stone Roots Sanctuary Locations



To increase your Devotion with The Stone Roots you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in in batches of 3 for either a: Red Grass, Blue Grass, a Mossy Pessmud or Wraithfang (25x).



To transmute weapons you have to speak with The Stone Roots Chemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.



Merchant Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Red Shard 500 1
Pessmud 300 1
Forestfang 20 1
Dragon's Tooth 25 1
Arrow 10 1
Poison Arrow 30 1
Bolt 15 1
Poison Bolt 40 1
Flintlock Shot 50 1
Tainted Shot 100 1
Pouch of Salt 500 1
Torch 50 1
Bell of Return 500 1
Antidote 50 1
Lock of Hair 500 3
Endless Fang 500 3
A Soldier's Poem 1500 5
Hateful Jawbone 1500 5
Salt Seeker's Ring 500 1
Lantern Charm 2500 1

Blacksmith Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Midshipman's Dirk 500 1
Arming Sword 500 1
Cutpurse Shiv 1500 2
Kaltic Razor 5000 4
Pessklaw 15000 5
Monstrous Mace 5000 6
Varangian Spatha 1500 1
Woodsman's Axe 500 1
Barbarian's Cudgel 15000 4
Scorpion Tail 15000 5
Soldier's Spear 500 1
Self Bow 500 1
Vilehawk Bow 1500 3
Bloodwood Bow 5000 5
Platoon Crossbow 1500 1
Bloodwood Crossbow 5000 2
Flintlock Pistol 1500 3
Arrow 10 1
Poison Arrow 30 1
Bolt 15 1
Poison Bolt 40 1
Wooden Targe 500 1
Heater Shield 800 1
Buckler 500 1
Vinemesh Peltarion 1500 3
Raptor Visor 500 1
Raptor Brigandine 500 1
Raptor Sabatons 500 1

Cleric Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement

Red Shard

500 1

Blessed Page

 500 1

Opal Tusk

201500 5
 Crystalmoat Ring 5000 1
Mend 500 1
Spirited Mend 5000 2
Blessed Weapon 800 1
Sacred Linens 2000 3
Cleanse 2000 2
Divine Armor 2500 3
Ethereal Intervention 7500 4
Guardian Blade 5000 5

Mage Sells

 Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
Scrimshaw Cane 1500 1
Saltwood Branch 1500 1
Charged Ring 8000 1
Flashfire 500 1
Lightning Bolt 1000 1
Lightning Barrage 1000


Wildfire 5000 1
Undersight 800 1
Poison Gas 2500 1




Choosing The Stone Roots does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.


Strangl'd roots
In blackest sea
Shed chains of steel
Till vines grow free


Ocean black
Invader's blood
Icy sea
To wrathful mud




  • The Stone Roots appear to have a philosophy that alludes to real-life tribal cultures and spiritualism, such as having a belief in the sentience and supernatural abilities of trees, forests, other plant-life, and the world as a whole.  

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    • Anonymous

      I admit that my experience with other souls-likes poison having biased me against these lot. Poison in a LOT of souls likes suck.

      These guys? These guys have good poison. The poison is fantastic. Mossy Pessmud lasts for like, a minute, and blends well with their throwing knives. Use melee when you have an opening to poison, throw knives when you don't.

      It's important to remember, though, that the Mireheart charm you get effects poison. So far I havent found a /reason/ to use a poison melee, since when you have 100 throwing knives that poison most enemies in 2 hits while wielding a weapon with Mireheart Charm (Note: Mireheart Charm affects throwables from what I noticed. It goes from 4 knives to poison most enemies, to 2 knives. It's great.)
      I decided to go with them on my gun/melee run. The poison bullets aren't great, and the poison damage they do is weak. But their poison throwing knives actually make for a fairly decent backup against anything that's super resistant to slash, such as big ol Crypt Guardians that use that giant hammer and axe. They go down pretty quick if you stack poison on them.

      NG+2 and they still seem to work fine to me. Not Mage level's of game breaking or the uh.. Goldenwine lads, but still perfectly fine.

      • This creed is pretty much only relevant other than short term if you go for a poison build because both the buff and the throwing knives the give have very high poison build up. But that's about it. Still worth going in early game to get that early alchemist.

        • Anonymous

          If I used a Crystal sphere in The Watching Woods sanctuary, does that mean I lost my chance to ever join the Stone Roots?

          • Anonymous

            By Devotion level 2 you have access to all the "unique" items the creed has to offer; namely their spells. Everything else can be transmuted, although it's probably easier to just stick with the creed and by them. Still, if you're just looking for completion you can switch out of Stone Roots after you buy all their poison spells.

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