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Rewards: n/a
Strike n/a Fire n/a
Slash n/a Lightning n/a
Poise n/a Poison n/a
Block n/a Holy n/a
Block Damage n/a Arcane n/a
Block Magic n/a    

Scarecrow is an NPC in Salt and Sanctuary.

The voice of The Nameless God."




Quest Information

  • If you miss dialogue with him at any point, you will be locked into one ending.





First encounter:

What creature persists in the face of such suffocating despair?
The others have begun to kneel.
Will it join them?

Words are nothing without fear.
I see in it a shred of courage, and this offends Me
In time, it will kneel
And when it kneels, it will kneel not in acquiescence, but in the darkest despair it will ever know.

Such a brave, foolish curiosity.
It will struggle then. And it will bleed. And it will fall.
And one day, when it finds itself beaten and broken, gasping for air, choking on its own blood and tears...
...that will be the day that it kneels.
And I will consume it.


Second encounter:

It persists.
Does it wish to know Me?

While they scurry to and fro, I am.
While they cherish their petty deities, idols, and false lords, I am.
While they fight their trivial wars, live and die for mortal kings and scoundrels, I am.
All priests of false gods kneel to Me.
All kings of empires great and small kneel to Me.
Life kneels to Me.
Death kneels to Me.

It will know me in time.
It sees before it a mere vessel, yet it hears My true voice.
In time, it will see Me.
It will shut its eyes and cover its ears, yet it will see Me and it will hear Me.


Third encounter:

Does it know what I have done?

It thinks it knows? Amusing.

I take the things I desire.
I have taken so many things from so many people.
Souls like scraps, bound in dying flesh: I claim them.
Kingdoms of dust and lies, petty princes, corrupt lords: I claim them.

I take the things I desire.
I have taken so many things from so many people.
Souls like scraps, bound in dying flesh: I claim them.
Kingdoms of dust and lies, petty princes, corrupt lords: I claim them.


Fourth encounter: 

It persists and persists, but for what?
Survival or dominion?
It can flee and survive.
Or it can remain and claim rule.
It will find both of these feats impossible.
What does it strive for then: survival, or dominion?

Both Answers:
This island is My domain.
Those who wish to flee must earn their escape.
This is impossible. It will discover this.
What stands before it is a puppet. The puppet is My voice.
Find Me...


Player Notes

  • NPC Set: m/a
  • If the player encounters the Helmet you would normally take after talking to the Scarecrow after the final boss earlier than intended, it is advised not to take it as it will count as completing the game and send the player straight into NG+


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    • Anonymous

      I got locked into one ending for missing it in the ziggurat, you can't fight the witch before the bloodless prince or it will just disappear.

      • Anonymous

        for the purpose of backtracking - the lift to the bloodless prince boss room is to the left of the far beach sanctuary

        • Anonymous

          Since a fair number of people seem to miss him for various reasons after Bloodless Prince; I approached the Ziggurat from behind, killed the prince before killing the Dried King, and the scarecrow wouldn't show.

          Going up and killing the Dried King, then talking to the NPC, made him appear.

          • Anonymous

            You know, it's not just a spooky crucified corpse, it's a literal scarecrow. It tries to scare you throughout the game, "you will suffer", "you will kneel", but in the end it can't do anything until you go and punch it's owner

            • Anonymous

              Im surprised that no one in all this time has pointed out that the Scarecrow looks like a decaying form of the NPC that you talk to on the beach in the beginning of the game

              • Anonymous

                Still seems to suffer a glitch for 3rd encounter if you take a nonstandard route through the game. People commonly suggest it's due to killing the Coveted before Bloodless Prince, but I did not kill Coveted before Bloodless Prince and he still turned up missing. I did, however, defeat Carsejaw and Witch of the Lake, as well as accessed the Salt Alkymancery, before going back to Ziggurat for Bloodless Prince. My theory is perhaps talking to the old man at Siam Lake before talking to the Scarecrow in the exit of the Ruined Temple causes sequence breaking problems with the Scarecrow quest. I'll investigate further in subsequent playthroughs.

                • Anonymous

                  Something seems to be wrong with this page. Tried to edit it, clean up that *****ty spite message at the top by turning it into a decent player note and restore some lost dialogue info but the page just keeps reverting back to the December 3rd version.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Dominion ending can be triggered after beating the Forgotten King and then Choosing "Take Helm" by speaking to the scarecrow at any location probably (worked for me in Castle of Storms) making you skip the Nameless King completely and forcing you into NG+.

                    This page as well as the "endings" page is a complete pile of *****, whoever wrote it is retarded. Do not Take the Helm before beating the final boss.
                    Like I said, retarded post full of lies. You´re welcome.

                    • Anonymous

                      I met him in the Sunken Keep for the first encounter. Then the Castle of Storms for the second encounter. He did not show up after the battle with the Bloodless Prince. I am going to see if he shows up for the third and counter at The Crypt of the Dead Gods.

                      • Anonymous

                        I kneel to no self entitled man, OR GOD. you say deth kneels to you, ONLY ASHES REMAIN of him. "Creation", of your hand, ENDS, with DESTRUCTION from mine!I AM THE DESTROYER OF DEATH HERE! in this decrepit nightmare relm.

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