Kraekan Dragon Skourzh



NG+7 11,400


25,010 Gold

25,000 Salt

NG+7 350,640 Salt

Skourzh's Horn

Strike 700(500*) Fire 100
Slash 100 Lightning 1000(650*)
Poise 100 Poison 100
Block 100 Holy 100
Block Damage 100 Arcane 100
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Kraekan Dragon Skourzh is the Boss of the Crypt of Dead Gods, & penultimate boss, barring optional bosses, of Salt and Sanctuary

The true King of Storms, he is in part the very reason your ship was laid to waste, & what lead to your strandation upon the mysterious island. He both guards the crypt you find him in, & the entrance to the final area. As both a greater Kraekan & the penultimate boss, He will not go down quietly, and all those who fight against him must be well prepared to face him, lest they be overcome by the storm.

A greater Kraekan, Lord of Storms, keeper of the Crypt of Dead Gods. Ever since man discovered travel by sea, sailors have feared this monster, who wields devastating storms with ease, sending sailors and kings alike to icy graves beneath the sea."


  • Crypt of Dead Gods: Go down and right from the area shrine.
  • Coordinates: {X:46111.42 Y:37679.4}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Strike, Lightning
  • Weak vs: Slash, Fire, Holy, Arcane, Poison
  • Strong vs: Strike, Lightning
  • Skourzh's body is very wide and hard to roll through. If your roll is too short you will be pushed back out of him.
    • This can be countered by rolling twice in a row. However, be mindful of your stamina and the boss attacks when doing so. The Wrapped Link ring may help with this.

Phase 1

  • Lightning Ball - Lifts the trident pointing upwards, charging it with energy, then shoots a large ball of lightning at character. Attack has a medium AoE by creating a small shockwave on the point of impact. Deals high stamina consumption on block. The player can avoid this attack in two ways: Rolling and Jumping.
    • When Rolling: Start moving away when the ball will reach you and then roll away from the boss. It's easier to roll away from the ball than through it, as it allows you to escape from the shockwave and the boss at once, giving you room to buff or heal.
    • When Jumping: Make sure to remain in place, and when the ball is nearing the ground, jump without moving. The lightning ball will crash into the ground but the shockwaves will not damage you. This strategy is easier for aggresive players, as they can stand near the boss and strike at it.
    • It is not suggested to run away, as the ball has tracking on the player once it comes out, allowing it to impact near the player. The AoE from the shockwave will then hit the player from behind.
      • Because said tracking, it's important if rolling away from the ball, to do so when it's about to land on/near you. This allows the player to cover less distance, allowing it to stay near the boss.

  • Trident Stab - Lifts the trident behind his head then stabs it down in front of him. Follows with a trident thrust if the character is still close to his front. Easiest to dodge by rolling away from him. Deals high stamina consumption on block
    • Both attacks create slight shockwaves on the point of impact, so the hitbox is larger than it may suggest. However, they are very telegraphed, and thus easy to avoid once the windup starts.

  • Shock Trap - Lifts and points the trident to the ground, then shoots three volleys of lightning to the ground with fixed distances between them. Each volley leave behind three lightning "walls" which linger for a few seconds, and cause medium-low damage on contact each. Low stamina consumption on block.
    • The third volley will either land in front of the dragon or behind the dragon. When it lands in front of the dragon, the third volley will have a one second delay or so.
    • When trying to dodge his third trident shot, close in the distance at melee, attack once or twice, and then after his 2nd shot go near the lightning wall of the second shot. His third shot will not hit you, leaving small space between the walls of the 2nd and 3rd attack.
    • The player must be very careful of standing directly on the area of one of the three volley casts, as this can cause the three lightning walls to instantly damage the player at once.

  • Thunder Breath - Breathes lightning on the ground, Kraekan Wyrm style. The breath spreads slow and covers long distance in front of the boss, but does not reach behind the dragon's body. Has lingering hitbox, can hit multiple times and causes medium wounding. Deals medium stamina consumption on block.
    • Once they see the breath coming out, the player can opt to either roll through the dragon's body to get behind it, or if the distance is long enough, run away to the opposite end of the arena.
      • If running away, the player may need to jump and use the dart brand twice to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time, allowing them to get away safely.

  • Kraekan Leap - Rears back then jumps high in the air, going towards the player, then slams the trident into the ground. Causes high damage and creates a small shockwave on impact. Deals high stamina consumption on block.
    • The leap itself has no hitbox at all and the player can just go through the boss and get behind it. No need to roll through it.

Phase 2

  • Attacks and behavior remain the same until death.


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Make with drops: Leviathan
  • If looking to block as your main strategy, it's advised to bring a shield that has either high Strike defense (for its melee attacks), or high Lightning defense (for its elemental attacks). If you can find one with both, the better. High stagger reduction and Willpower are recommended.
    • On the same vein, armor with high strike and lightning resistances can help the player survive some stray hits. Best paired with the Defender's Ring and Goldenstone Ring.
  • One of the hardest bosses in challenge runs such as Oar Only or Iron Pot Only runs, due it's massive resistance to strike. Low equip load is recommended, as it allows the player to avoid a lot of its most dangerous attacks.
    • It's advised in these runs to bring any form of poison they can, as the extra elemental damage from other elementaln buffs won't compensate the resistances the boss has. Forestfangs and Pessmud can work just fine if the player applies enough pressure to mantain the poison ticking.


  • He bears a heavy resemblance to the Dark Souls boss Seath the Scaleless, as both are dragons with a humanoid torso attached to a mass of tentacles for a pelvis. He also draws from various sea gods, like Poseden with the trident.
  • None of its elemental attacks can be spell reflected, nor any of its melee attacks can be parried.


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    • Anonymous

      Found him pretty easy actually, when he jumps over you its possible to make fairly good amount of damage. The Three and Nameless God are tougher

      • Anonymous

        Came back to this game, and just finished another playthrough, before Salt and Sacrifice. Did a no block and no heal run. This guy was definitely the hardest to beat with those restrictions. Can't believe we're about to get a sequel after such a long wait.

        Since this is my favorite 2D Souls-like game, I am just gushing with excitement for May 10th.

        • Anonymous

          If you're a prayer user, you can pair guardian blade with a greatsword. The guardian blade messes with his targeting for some attacks making him turn around. Remember to jump through as the lightning ball does home in. I found this is a good cheese strategy for Kraekan Dragon Skourzh even on NG+

          • Anonymous

            I beat him on NG+ easily with umbral set and a greatword. And buffed my weapon with Blessed page and goldenwine. Nice boss!!

            • Anonymous

              Fought this guy NG+1, not really exited to fight him NG+2.... in my opinion he’s one of the hardest boss

              • Well this one with right strategz is no much of a big deal. When i get hit from, its mainlz during his physical trident attack. Rest of his trident attacks are easily avoidable.
                Jump, just stand still he will jump over you.
                Lightning ball, roll in right moment.
                Series of 3 and 3 lightning stakes, simply keep running into him and he will send his last stakes behind him, after that you have time to attack.
                Than there is his breath, with shield its easy, without shield you better have light rolls, and roll behind him.
                Anything else, yes, if your PC isnt some game machine, better dont get killed bcs he can lag your PC pretty bad while having your souls (its bcs of his... well he is huge).

                • Anonymous

                  Yes. This is in fact a reference to Neptune, not seath. That being said, this guy is arguably harder than the final boss due to the fact that he deals lightning damage, has poise, and is resistant to everything.

                  • Anonymous

                    I just threw wraithfangs to him from afar (stone roots creed poison dagger). Hide behind shield for lightning and roll to the other far side when he jumps at you.

                    • Anonymous

                      Well for the most part anyway just rushed him with GS with the imp charm. Followed old dark souls rules on giant bosses and just kept attacking. Also kind of obvious reference to Seath the scaleless.

                      • Anonymous

                        Man this was the first challenge in my run so far I've got a pretty spread out character who can use both types of magic(offense and defense) and wield a good selection of Shields and armor but despite preparation I can't get this guy I've gotten close thought

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